Catching Up This Saturday!

Phew – I feel like it’s been a long time since I sat down with some good strong coffee and just caught up here.

There’s lots of news in the soccer world as the WPS season kick-off is just weeks away!  March 29th, to be exact.  (I should probably think about taking a day or two off from work, as the convergence of the start of WPS and the crescendo of March Madness kinds of scares me … from a time/energy standpoint.

Anyway – on the WPS front, some quick notes:

  • The WPS Pre-season schedules have been posted on Women’s Soccer Show (GREAT place for women’s soccer info) with the final schedules due to be set by Monday.  For Breakers fans, it looks like there could be a couple of matches here in New England – dates not yet set, though.
  • Japan’s Homere Sawa has signed her contract with the Freedom and is joined by French women’s national team captain Sonia Bompastor – the other international to sign with the Freedom so far.
  • Not only does the WPS draw from national teams around the world – it also gives opportunities to up and coming players, as the teams hold local, open try-outs prior to starting their training camps.  The Chicago Red Stars, for example, have invited some local talent including Erin Walter and Tina Estrada and to try out … as are other teams around the country.  What an opportunity!
  • Speaking of opportunities, Women’s Soccer Show is looking for contributors!
  • I Am That Girl has put up a piece giving an overview of the league …
  • I don’t know if I’ve posted this or not, but here’s the Breakers’ write up re. the signing of Kelly Smith.  (She is going to be fun to watch with A-Rod!)
  • Meanwhile, also from England, the Boston team has snagged Alex Scott – who sounds like no slouch on defense!
  • The WPS Team kits will be unveiled on 2/24/09 … guess they’re trying to appeal to everyone by having a fashion show.  (I may sit this one out.)
  • Remember the WPS Game of the week – every Sunday, beginning March 29 on Fox Soccer Channel!
  • Sweden’s Caroline JΓΆnsson has retired as goalkeeper for the Swedish National Team and is coming to the US to play for the Red Stars (Chicago) along with former Swedish Captain Frida Ostberg.
  • I was wondering whether Hanna Ljunberg had been signed anywhere yet and came upon this great listing of WPS players on the site.  Nothing about Hanna, though.  And where are the Germans?  Birgit Prinz?  Others?  Maybe Birgit is waiting for Atlanta to come on line … πŸ˜‰  (Oh, and Maren … won’t you come back to the Breakers?)
  • On the Germany front, I found my answer here … based on Lauren Gregg’s research, quoted in the linked piece, “players were under contract for long periods of time and have been requested to remain in Germany through World Cup 2011 by their national team coach.”  That’s a drag!

Meanwhile – in International soccer news, the Algarve Cup kicks off …

  • Here’s the schedule on “And Nothing Less” – a nice Women’s Soccer Blog that I’ll add to my sidebar …
  • The USWNT opens up against Denmark on 3/4 – 7AM ET (the match will be on the infamous MatchTracker – better than nothing, I guess).
  • Here’s Pia’s 18-woman roster for the Algarve:  GOALKEEPERS (2): Nicole Barnhart (3) (FC Gold Pride), Hope Solo (6) (St. Louis Athletica);
    DEFENDERS (5): Rachel Buehler (2) (FC Gold Pride), Lori Chalupny (6) (St. Louis Athletica), Kendall Fletcher (1) (Los Angeles Sol), Heather Mitts (5) (Boston Breakers), Christie Rampone (9) (Sky Blue FC);
    MIDFIELDERS (7): Shannon Boxx (6) (Los Angeles Sol), Tina DiMartino (1) (FC Gold Pride), Carli Lloyd (4) (Chicago Red Stars), Heather O’Reilly (7) (Sky Blue FC), Lindsay Tarpley (7) (Chicago Red Stars), Kacey White (1) (Sky Blue FC), Angie Woznuk (2) (St. Louis Athletica);
    FORWARDS (4): Angela Hucles (5) (Boston Breakers), Natasha Kai (4) (Sky Blue FC), Megan Rapinoe (1) (Chicago Red Stars), Amy Rodriguez (4) (Boston Breakers).

There wasn’t very much women’s college b-ball action (that I know of) last night.  Here’s what we’ve got through Monday night on the TV schedule … remember the times shown are all Central!

Texas at Texas A&M 11:00am Fox Sports Net
St. John’s at Marquette 1:00 Big East Sports Network
UNLV at BYU 4:00 CBS College Sports
Air Force at Colorado State 5:00 The Mtn.
South Florida at West Virginia 6:00 WVPBS
Oregon State at Cal Berkeley 8:00 Fox Sports Net

Rhode Island at UMass 12:00 CBS College Sports
Boston College at Virginia 12:00 Fox /Comcast /NE Sports Net
Iowa State at Kansas 12:00 Fox Sports Net
Notre Dame at UConn 1:00 ESPNU
Georgia at Auburn 2:00 Fox Sports Net
Ohio State at Indiana 3:00 ESPN2
Duke at Maryland 4:00 Fox Sports Net

Morgan State at Hampton 3:30 ESPNU
North Carolina at NC State 6:00 Fox /Comcast t/NE Sports Net
Oklahoma at Texas A&M 6:30 ESPN2
Minnesota at Northwestern 7:00 Big Ten Network

On the NH high school b-ball front, tournament time is upon us … and PaulaLR has quite a few tournament games on her officiating schedule this year  Congratulations, Paula!

Was going to do a wee bit on the national news … and the depressing fact that Obama seems to be falling in line with some Bush doctines re. detainees … but I need to move on this morning … and frankly, it’s too depressing to open up that can of worms right now.  Maybe tomorrow …

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  1. Alice says:

    Speaking of women’s college b-ball, Bill Littlefield often offers some commentary on his weekly sports radio show out of Boston–Only A Game. I happened to catch it yesterday when he had Michelle Smith of the San Fran. Chronicle on the show to talk and predict. His show is the only sports show I can enjoy and mostly understand: it bridges the gap between the hard core sports fan and the dabbler such as myself.There’s a podcast available at


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