Friday Flashes!

First off – if you use IE and can’t load JordanCornblog, please note that WordPress developers and designers have been fighting with Internet Explorer browser design issues and they recommend that you use the most recent browsers available, specifically FireFox 3, Google Chrome, and Safari 3.

I was having trouble opening this on my laptop and switched to Firefox … it then worked just fine.

In other news I see that The Post offered a grudging apology for that cartoon.  Not enough.  Not nearly enough.

On the b-ball front I see that Vandy upset Auburn – muust’ve been a great game!  It’s gonna be a fascinating tournament!

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1 Response to Friday Flashes!

  1. Paula Rockwell says:

    Hey Jordy, Home on fridays for awhile during this slow season….I look forward to a visit with you all next sunday the 28th if that is all still going to work out. Tournament season for High School girls is upon us. Class I going into qtr. finals this weekend. My first one, class S prelim, will be decided after tonites last games. Hopefully I won’t be headed to Colebrook as I will need some sled dogs to get me there..Then I have an M qtr next saturday the 27th..S semis March 4 and L qtr March 7..
    have a great day


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