Just One Quick Thing

That cartoon in the New York Post? Disgusting. Ridiculous.

Everyone’s focusing on the racial aspect of it which is bad enough — but the guns? We’re trying to work our way out of crises on every front, created by the brutal and asinine Bush administration. And all you guys have time to do at the Post is present this kind of crap?

If you didn’t know the cartoon was offensive, then you are incredibly, incredibly, incredibly lame. And if you did know, then you’re despicable.

It’s time to grow up. The ranting of the far right and the racists and the reactionaries is looking more and more ridiculous, isn’t it? I sure think so.

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2 Responses to Just One Quick Thing

  1. I agree. It’s hard to get my head around the worldview that spans this sort of thing. (Definitely contributes to my feeling that right wing Republicanism could be some sort of diagnosable mental illness. A rather serious, delusional sort of disorder most likely.)


  2. Jordy, thanks for posting this. I alerted a few dozen people. This is so awesomely offensive that it leaves me speechless.
    John Schubert


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