Thoroughly Thursday

Okay, checking out the scene here on a Thursday morning. I am (of course) in a hurry. So here are some quick updates:

HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew will be here this weekend! Hooray! Hopefully the snowstorm/rainstorm that appears to be brewing (get it?) won’t interfere.

The reviews of the new WPS uniforms have been decidedly mixed. Here are a couple of articles one from The Snitch, out of San Francisco and the other from Unprofessional Foul. Personally, I think the Breakers kits look cool — but then I’m a little bit biased.

Too late to do a lot of exploring on the national news front, but I love it that one of the first people to be honored at the White House is Stevie wonder. We surely are in a new era!

Finally, check out this amazing video (sent to me by none other than HollyCornblog).  Really amazing!


Oh yeah – and my Kindle arrived … and we’ve got some b-ball on tap (more beer imagery … ;)) all Central Time, remember!  On the b-ball front, gotta check out the Class M girls’ tournament results from last night, too.  Any upsets?  We shall see .

Big Ten Conference Wildcard Game TBD Big Ten Network
Georgia at Kentucky 6:00 Fox Sports Net
Tennessee at LSU 8:00 Fox Sports Net
Boston College at Maryland 6:00 Fox/Comcast /NE Sports Net
MVC wildcard game 7:35 Fox/Comcast/Metro Sports Net

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3 Responses to Thoroughly Thursday

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Thanks Truth and Alice! Appreciate the link, Alice … and Truth – I so agree about the relief with Obama in office. More or less agree about the uniforms, too … although it’s the skorts that probably bother me the most.

    My happiness at the start-up of the league, however, dwarfs my feelings about the unis. If it’s good soccer, and the price is right .. and all of us fans come out … hopefully the uniforms will evolve as needed.


  2. Alice NYE says:

    Wow! You have the new Kindle! FYI there was an interesting article/review in the Globe business section today by their tech expert, Hiawatha Bray, who discusses not only the new Kindle but other e-books. Here’s the link for those interested.


  3. truth says:

    Just stopping in to comment on the WPS uniforms — BORING! They are TOO GENERIC for my taste. They are so generic that I am writing in all caps, for crying out loud. Have you followed the Tropicana controversy? They redesigned their cartons to look like every other generic OJ out there and fan outcry forced them to go back to their old, more interesting graphic. The WPS uniforms look like generic soccer uniforms.

    Where are the graphics on these uniforms? What makes me want them? Where’s the pop? They look like Nike blanks, except for the Chicago Red Stars. I scrolled away from the pictures for 5 minutes and Chicago’s is only one I can remember.

    I fear the WPS has hired the same marketing morons who sunk the WUSA. Or maybe it’s the Nike geniuses who put the 2007 WNT in those horrid horrid gold uniforms. I just can’t see kids clamoring to buy these uniforms. Oh, Mom, can I have a blank blue uniform, pretty please??????

    If it were up to me & I was introducing a brand new league in 2009, I’d hire Shepard Fairey (or I’d totally copy him, that’s what he does anyway) and produce a visually interesting, graphically popping set of uniforms.

    Rant over. And thanks for the links to my feeble attempts at blogging. I am basking in the relief that Obama is President and neglecting my blog for my pottery.


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