USWNT vs Iceland on an Icy Friday (Other Stuff, Too)

First off, our friend Alice (who suffers good-humoredly my unrelenting pressure to become a JordanCornblog contributor) is off to tour Florence today.  Happy travels, Alice!

Happily, she will not have to leave before the USWNT faces Iceland in their second game at the Algarve.  She (and the rest of us) will be able to follow it on MatchTracker starting at 10AM ET!  Natasha Kai (the second most important Hawaiian in MY world!) had a header bounce off the pole and lead to a goal (and an assist for Tasha) in Wednesday’s match.  She has gotta be hungry today!  All those Icelandic dottir’s better watch out (is all I can say in my nationalistic way)!

I just made myself the smoothest cup of coffee that I have ever had – really!  I used the AREO PRESS MAGIC BREWER – a little product that Paula LR brought by when she visited on Sunday.  HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew took one home (and HollyCornblog loves it, too)!  You can purchase this little gem from Carpe Diem Coffee – a woman-owned and operated business that sells the coffee that we swear by.  Check it out … great stuff!

In WPS news, Marta’s star power is the focus out in LA … where the Sol are gearing up for their season opener.  Kobe Bryant gushes (somehow, I really, really like using that verb for Kobe):

“It’s big. It’s really big. Not only to have women’s soccer, but to wind up getting the best women’s soccer player in her prime. This is a special moment,” Bryant, who made it a point to watch Marta in Beijing, said.

Apparently Amway is gushing, too, as they are forking over bucks to be the presenting sponsor for the Sol.  Never really understood Amway – and to be honest, I always have found it strangely depressing.  But better Amway than GM or GE these days, eh?

Finally (for WPS news), the Breakers have officially signed Lil.  Was there ever any question?  Lil is back .. and things are good in Beantown.  (I’m a little shaken to read that she has been playing soccer for 21 years … makes me guilty about the thousands of mornings that I have skipped the treadmill to grab more sleep!)  Here’s a Breakers’ preview … as they get into the thick of training camp and head toward setting their final roster later this month.

Other news?  The economy is really getting scary.  I keep wondering what Bush thinks, as he clears brush.  Or Cheney, in his undisclosed location.  Hope that Patrick Leahy’s Truth Commission takes off.  That, along with John Conyers’ good, steady work on the house Judiciary Committee may help to start uncovering the festering pile of crap that is the Bush legacy.  Perhaps the only good to come of those eight terrible years will be the demise of the festering pile of Roveian, Limbaughian, Colterian, O’Neillian, Falwellian, NeoConian crap that the Republican party has become.  (Not that I considered it all that inspiring to begin with …)

On a far more positive note … Ted Kennedy inspired at Day one of Obama’s Health Summit – while Michelle O continued to show genuine interest in reaching out to the DC Community, paying a visit to Miriam’s Kitchen to serve lunch.  Using the word genuine in tandem with a reference to an occupant of the White House is so refreshing … I hardly know how to take it in!

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2 Responses to USWNT vs Iceland on an Icy Friday (Other Stuff, Too)

  1. And perhaps, along with cockroaches, they will be what is left when all is said and done. (Oh yeah, and some shards of plastic Red Stars’ and Breakers’ collectible beer steins for future archeologists to puzzle over …) 😉


  2. boltgirl says:

    If you look at Amway as a bookend for the Herbalife-sponsored Galaxy, it’s sort of a no-brainer. A little creepy and depressing, but nonetheless apropos.


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