A Little on the Drug-Addled, Pasty, Russian Nesting Doll Guy that the GOP Adores … Then We Move On

Saturday morning … last morning before we go back to daylight savings time.  I’m having some smooth, dark coffee and catching up on the news of the world while the sun comes up here.

Scary times, as the economy’s woes seem to be accelerating with no end in sight.  Maddow had a great explanation of the dynamics last night.  Made sense to me (and made the GOP’s call for a governmental spending freeze seem absolutely and irresponsibly bizarre. Bizarre continues to be the operative word for the GOP, as they struggle to find any message that isn’t either just contrarian or hateful (as in the comments of a soft, pasty, drug-addled-yet-moralistic radio guy who gets way too much press and really DOES look like the outer shell of a Russian nesting doll).

On the Democratic side of the equation, we see that the DLC is undergoing some changes … good news to my mind.  I think they dragged the Dems off course as it was, contributing to changes that resulted in other changes that resulted in 8 years of Bush and Russian nesting dolls with radio shows.  (Okay, maybe that’s an overstatement – but some steps leftward for the DLC would be a lovely development.)

Maddow also had an excellent piece on the basic points being argued in the Proposition 8 Hearings out in California.  (Thanks for posting it, Boltgirl!)

Under the heading of “Science Rules” we have more Obama roll-backs of 13th-centuryish Bush policies – this time, the restrictions on stem cell research funding that had seriously hampered progress.  Applause and a sigh of relief.

On the other hand – what’s with continuing the Bushies line of defense for John Yoo?  You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.  Let the Bush House of Cards continue to come unraveled, Barack … you don’t need to do anything … just let it happen … and spend your administration’s energy elsewhere.  Plenty of other stuff to work on.

On the more uplifting end of the spectrum (much more uplifting) here’s a story about Mary Velan – an Upstate NY soccer player who, as a walk on for the NY/NJ Sky Blue is still in the mix for a roster spot.  Here’s to Oneonta State Women’s Soccer!  (Home of the Soccer Hall of Fame … remember?)

Oh … and then there’s Kobe and Marta … and some preview tidbits from Melissa on The Offside … and I’m outta here.


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3 Responses to A Little on the Drug-Addled, Pasty, Russian Nesting Doll Guy that the GOP Adores … Then We Move On

  1. truth says:

    My best friend from high school lived in Middleburgh for several years, I had a few hairy trips down that hill into Middleburgh on Route 88 in the winter!

    I grew up in Downsville.


  2. JordanCornblog says:

    Wow – small world. I spent my childhood summers at my Grandparents’ cabin up in the hills above Middleburgh (Schoharie County) and HollyCornblog now lives outside of Cobleskill. Yes – Go Mary!


  3. truth says:

    Mary Velan from soccer hotbed Delaware County! (I grew up there!) Go Mary


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