An Elephant Mired in It's Own Muck

That’s how Michael Steele has described the Republican Party. I agree that muck is a great way to describe a medium comprised of the detritus of right wing preachers, radio hacks, and turdblossoms.  But it doesn’t seem wise for a party that is struggling mightily to find its identity, should choose as its cheerleader-in-chief, someone who says such things, now does it?  As in so many decisions in recent months (Sarah?  Bobby?) the GOP is not only mired in muck but appears to be flailing wildly and impulsively.

But barring a mass revolt by members, which so far seems unlikely, Mr. Steele – who has never managed a large organization or won a race for public office on his own – has a two-year term in which to build a new operation, raise hundreds of millions of dollars and win enough races to reverse the Democratic tide.

About 70 staff members have already resigned or been fired, said Curt Anderson, a consultant Mr. Steele hired to assist him, while transition teams figure out how to restructure virtually every aspect of operations.

And as tempestuous as the past month has been, Mr. Steele said in the interview, Republicans should get ready for more. “I’m very spontaneous,” he said, comparing working with him to riding a roller coaster without knowing when the next dip or curve might come.

“Be prepared; you have no idea,” he said. “Just buckle up and get ready to go.”

Stay tuned – I have a feeling this is going to get weirder and weirder …

In the women’s basketball world I see that Maryland ousted UNC, while Nell Fortner’s Auburn squad did away with the Lady Vols.  I’m startiung to work on getting my brackets ready as we careen toward March Madness.  (Haven’t a clue about who to go for on the men’s side – so will likely fall back on my Philly teams … and fall out of the running rather quickly.)

Poor Buffalo!  The Bills have saddled themselves with TO … and controversy, no doubt.  Although ticket sales and (maybe) TV revenues will rise.  Interesting situation in which I imagine the owners and coaches are far from being on the same page – as TO spells profits, and guaranteed headaches.  (As I recall, the Bills didn’t even have a steady starting QB last season.  How long will TO be happy there?)

In soccer news, the Breakers beat up on the UConn soccer team yesterday- on the strength of goals by Lil and Brittany Cooper.  Next up?  The BC soccer team at noon on Wednesday.  Meanwhile Kelly Smith and Alex Scott continue to play in the Cyprus Cup – where England was sorey challenged by France yesterday and was apparently lucky to emerge with a 2-2 tie.

uhohOver at the Algarve Cup, here’s some info from SoccerScience about the NSCAA’s (National Soccer Coaches Association of America) third annual trip to the Algarve.  Check out the slide presentation about the event, here … and re. the photo to the left … yikes, how times have changed!

(And it ain’t even April I’m reacting to … it’s that guy with her.  Shite … speaking of being mired in muck …!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Thanks for the NSCAA Women’s Committee Algarve Cup Trip shout-out 🙂


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