Thursday – Can It Already be Thursday?

I was going to get caught up on sleep (in the brief lull between bouts of b-ball) last night.  But instead I got caught up in on-line work.  Thoroughly enjoyed it – but sleep suffered, as it often does.

A quick survey of the news has the WPS teams finalizing their rosters … and I see that Brandi made the cut for the FC Gold Pride (out in the Bay Area).  It’ll be interesting to see how she fares in the midfield.  (I’d expect to see a 40-year-old on defense – but Brandi isn’t your typical 40-year-old.)

For the Breakers, there were no big surprises on the final cut list – at least not from my perspective.  And it looks like the Freedom finally signed Lisa DeVanna (Australia) who is going to be great fun to watch – especially against Marta on Sunday evening!  Here’s the Red Stars’ roster, too.

I started checking the national news just now and you know what?  I just won’t go into it.  The GOP is doing its usual lying, divisive crap and time is too precious to spend exploring the famililar terrain.  Obama, just keep your eye on the prize and keep plugging away.  Let the stridency echo in the emptiness – don’t respond.  It just makes their voices sound more shrill – their arguments less and less plausible.

Oh, but here’s an article HollyCornblog sent me – about Cheney and his war crimes.  I don’t see it happening – especially not with the mess our economy is in at the moment.  But one can dream!

On the b-ball front, who’s playing tonight?

7:07 pm Purdue #5 Connecticut #1
7:27 pm
Xavier #4 Pittsburgh #1
9:37 pm
Missouri #3 Memphis #2
9:57 pm
Villanova #3 Duke #2

Ohhh boy – let’s go Wildcats!


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