A Lament and a Question …

Alice and Paula – these were too good to leave buried in the comments …

My bracket hath crumbled.
The light at the end of the tunnel has dimmed
to pitch black.
Woe. Oh, Woe!
Humbled, distraught,
I bow to Mo.

A gracious response, indeed.

JordanCornblog will try to replicate this, as time goes on, should it prove necessary (which it most definitely will not!)


and from Paula …

My bracket of mediocrity…
ahead of half…
half ahead of me…
but what’s the use??
gone is Syracuse..

Yet I have 4 of final 8..
How will I do?
Will have to wait..

Your are so right, Paula … all I can say is …

Indeed … we will all have to wait,
to see the standings percolate.
Yes, Mo’s on top right now, ’tis true
but his money’s on Carolina Blue
Whose run would indeed be a feat
Since they are hanging by a toe
That’s all that stands between defeat
And our current #1, the mighty Mo!

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1 Response to A Lament and a Question …

  1. Paula Rockwell says:

    thats what 2 cups of coffee, Pandora playin’ on the laptop, cats snoozin’ nearby, reading Alice’s poem..to get me trying to create a poem…
    Kinda silly and fun, this saturday morning..
    thanks Jordy!


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