Other Saturday Stuff

Aside from brackets and upsets and Mo making good on his trash talk (so far) what is going on in the world?

Hillary is in Mexico … and here’s a cool map (posted by truth on Main Street USA), depicting her travels (and in some fashion, Obama’s foreign policy priorities, one has to think … although it’s early yet).  Sad to say, truth (aka bigflanman) is taking a bit of a beating in the brackets at the moment.  Kinda like the previous 8 years, eh truth?

Check this out – from the Raw Story – the rap battle between Stephen Colbert and Michael Steele … watch it!  Amazing piece of editing!

And on the “What can brown do for you” front – thanks, UPS!

For your calendars … the Women’s TV schedule over the next several days … (I’ve shifted the times to Eastern …)

Baylor vs. Louisville Noon ESPN
Maryland vs. Vanderbilt 2:00 ESPN
NCAA Women’s Championship Special 8:30 ESPN2
Iowa State vs. Michigan State 9:00 ESPN
Ohio State vs. Stanford 11:30 ESPN2
Cal Berkeley vs. UConn Noon ESPN
NCAA Women’s Championship Special 2:00 ESPN
Arizona State vs. Texas A&M 2:30 ESPN2
Purdue vs. Rutgers 7:30 ESPN2
Oklahoma vs. Pitt 10:00 ESPN2
NCAA Women’s Raleigh Final 7:30 ESPN
NCAA Women’s Berkeley Final 9:30 ESPN
NCAA Women’s Trenton Final 7:00 ESPN
NCAA Women’s Oklahoma City Final 9:00 ESPN

Meanwhile, the men are “duking” it out (sans Duke) today and tomorrow … as we narrow it all down to the Final Four (and, eventually, inevitably, the Villanova national championship)!  Sorry, Mo!

Saturday March 28, 2009
Time Away Home

4:40 pm

Missouri #3 Connecticut #1

7:05 pm

Villanova #3 Pittsburgh #1
Sunday March 29, 2009
Time Away Home

2:20 pm

Michigan St. #2 Louisville #1

5:05 pm

Oklahoma #2 North Carolina #1
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