Saturday Quickie

Man oh man oh man – here’s Glenn Beck making fun of Obama’s Aunt – and a bunch of other people, too.  This is why I’ve been staying away from the news in favor of b-ball and soccer.  What a hateful, useless tool!

Isn’t this the dude who was recently weeping about how much he loves the US?  Yup – check it out below.  What a fake!  Is there no end to the right’s crass wackiness??  Guess not.

Best to laugh and not get tweaked – there just isn’t enough time.


So back to the soccer and b-ball.  ‘Nova upsets UNC (and pretty much everyone with a bracket except Tyler and me) tonight.

Also, the Red Stars play the Athletica in game 2 of the new WPS season.  (The Athletica travel to Boston for the Breakers’ home opener next Saturday at Harvard Stadium!)  Tomorrow the Breakers play FC Gold Pride (complete with Brandi Chastain and Tiffeny Milbrett) out on the left coast.  This one is televised (6PM ET on Fox Soccer – Glenn Beck will NOT be involved in any way).  The LA Sol travel east to meet Sky Blue FC in what should be a great offensive battle.

Meanwhile … see extraordinary Hucles!


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