Getting Psyched

The Breakers’ home opener is this Saturday (4/11-7PM) against the Athletica at Harvard Stadiuim.  Both teams have an opening day loss to rectify.  It’ll be fun to see Hope Solo and Lori Chalupny in town … and just awesome to get the season rolling.  A big plus of April soccer in Boston is that we get to wear all of our winter Breakers gear, too.  So bring out the scarves and watch caps – -see you at the stadium!

And here’s a nice week three preview from, as well as a Red Stars-Freedom preview and an excellent review of Week 2 by Jacqueline Purdy, who writes …

Just a week into the season, the WPS is off to a fast start. While the first few games of the WUSA in 2001 were saddled with slow, tentative play and several 0-0 draws, that has certainly not been the case in 2009. The league’s star attraction, Marta, has already had a two-goal game and there’s already been a game-winning goal in the closing minutes of a match (FC Gold Pride). The quality of play has been noticeably higher this time around, making the games more exciting.

In other WPS news I see that HINT Essence Water has become the official water supplierof the WPS.  Nice to see.  Send them a thank you (hint, hint).  Almost 9 years ago, when I was in need of a new car, I was first drawn to Hyundai because of their sponsorship of the WUSA (probably wouldn’t have even looked at ’em otherwise).  Now here we are in 2009 and my Elantra is starting to show its age just a tad (and I am PRAYING that Chrysler doesn’t sign on as a sponsor of the WPS)!

Think about this … while I am pleased to see that the Vermont Legislature overrode the gov’s veto and passed their Gay Marriage Bill, I’d love to see the whole debate move in a different direction.  Shouldn’t marriage be the purview of religion and civil unions be the purview of the state?

That’s where I’d take it.  The state should grant civil union licenses, period.  The word “marriage” should not be uttered in our civil institutions.  Period.

People wishing to add a sacramental layer to their coupling would then just need to find a religious institution willing to sanctify the whole thing.  The churches would be free to say yea or nay, depending on their beliefs.  That’s it – end of discussion.  Let’s move on.

Oh, and the whole thing about marriage being a sacrament made me want to compare the divorce rates among liberals and conservativesRepublicans and Democratsconservative Christians and others.  Hypocrisy continues to be alive and well amongst our repressed (and repressive) brethren.  PTL.

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