Breakers Saturday!

It’s Breakers Game Day.  Freezing, and quite possibly wet – but hey, we’re hardy folk right?

Before embarking on this new chapter in Breakers’ history – a pause to remember good times past.  Maren?  Dagney?  We miss you!


No sound with this video – but that kinda makes it all the more resonant, doesn’t it?  Love the video commentary from Faster Ones

Check out that beautiful goal my Mary Frances Monroe around 0:49, Angela Hucles DDT on Jackie Little at 1:06, Mia Hamm roughing up the untouchable Maren Meinert at 1:08, and the amazing typo at 1:15. Karina LeBlanc for the Breakers! Dagny Mellgren! Bettina Weigmann! Stephanie Mugneret-Beghe!

Boston Breakers V. 2 have much to live up to. Here’s to watching them kick it all off at home this coming Saturday, and hoping memories like these are soon to be in the making.

So anyway – the Athletica are in town and both teams in this match-up need a win.  Boston got rolling with some nice attacking mojo last week, so I’m hoping to see them really test Hope Solo … while at the same time getting their defense a tad more organized.  (We were lamenting the loss of Kate – first to the Red Stars and then to pregnancy.  Wonder if she’ll come back.  One of my most vivid memories of WWC 2003 was of watching Kate’s laser focus on an attacker who had the ball in the corner of the field at Foxboro and was contemplating a move toward goal.  Kate dispossessed her … but it was the focus that was amazing – like there was absolutely nothing else in the universe but Kate, the ball, and that other player … we’ll call her Dagney for drama’s sake.)

Meanwhile, in other action around the league, FC Gold Pride (with Tiffany Weimer) face off against Sky Blue FC here on the cold, grey East Coast.  This game has a TON of offensive fire power going at it at both ends.  I expect we’ll see a high score, unless the goalies are playing out-of-their-minds well.  (And who is the goalie for Sky Blue, anyway?  Jenni Branam, maybe?  They’ve got three keepers on the roster … seems a tad excessive … or like they just haven’t settled on a starter yet.)

Here are a couple of Week 3 previews – one from Kathryn Knapp of and the other from Christa Mann on Soccer by Ives

Let’s go Blue!

In other news, I noticed on MSNBC that Bush is enjoying a simpler life now that he’s out of the White House.

First, I find it very offensive to read the words Bush and enjoying in the same sentence.  That should never happen (same for Cheney.)

Second … how the hell could it get any simpler?

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