It Was a Cold and Stormy Night …

… but that didn’t dampen the spirits of the nearly 5,000 Breakers fans who trooped to Cambridge to see their Boston Blues defeat the St. Louis Athletica 2-0 in their home opener at Harvard Stadium.  Here are the Week 3 WPS Power Rankings by Jo-Ryan Salazar. (I’ll track these through the season on my WPS page.)

Our seats were amazing (thanks, again, De) … close enough for me to speak briefly with A-Rod and ascertain that those rumors about Madonna are absolutely false!

Random thoughts about the game:

  • Great to see Breakers Captain Lil score her first goal of the 2009 season in the 87th minute off a very pretty assist from Kelly Smith (who scored the Breakers first goal of this game- and her second of the young season last night).
  • Kelly Smith is amazing – tons of flair and toughness.  She and the Athletica defender who was marking her were joined at the hip – and not very happy with one another through much of the game.  The level of competition out there was INTENSE.
  • Angela Hucles had a much steadier outing that last week’s.  The Breakers were moving the ball through the midfield more and more as the game went on.  She had one gorgeous long ball in the first half that really caught the Athletica on their heels … I can’t remember who fielded it – Kelly Schmedes, maybe?
  • Speaking of Schmedes, it’s a nice touch that the program includes a pronunciation guide …
  • Alex Scott was great fun to watch in this game, and you can tell that she’s played a lot of minutes with Kelly Smith.  As she and A-Rod get more familiar with one another, watch out.
  • Luckinbill wasn’t really tested, but did what she needed to when she needed to.  Hope Solo had the more difficult shots to deal with – and came up big a couple of times to keep the score from being even more lop-sided.
  • The defense had some moments of looking very disorganized … still … but luckily, no damage done.

The other two games of the day – Sky Blue vs. Gold Pride and Red Stars vs Freedom both ended in 1-1 ties – with Lindsay Tarpley scoring her second goal of the season for the Red Stars.  (We’ve got the Red Stars-Freedom matchup on the DVR … looking forward to that and maybe some exercise on the bike at the same time!)  I’ll keep my eyes peeled and let you know if there’s a Beulah write up for the Freedom.

Finally, some highlights from the Red Stars-Freedom game …


Scurry, sadly, continues to not impress.

Meanwhile – to get ready for next week’s Pride vs. Sol match-up, here’s a nice video of the two teams scrimmaging earlier this year …


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3 Responses to It Was a Cold and Stormy Night …

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Hey there, Stephen – I wish NESN would jump on the bandwagon. That would be cool. Too much Freedom for my taste, too – and not enough Marta/Sol. We will also need to start complaining to the Concord Monitor about not following the WPS and the Breakers AT ALL!

    And AMR – it really wasn’t so bad out there – lots of layers and plenty of fleece. At least it wasn’t raining during the game.

    I agree about Scurry – she’s been such a presence for so many years. This is tough. I fear that she is trying to “rehabilitate” herself after the terrible position that Greg Ryan put her in in the WWC. A losing proposition … and hard to watch.


  2. AMR says:

    You were one brave soul to be a spectator in such conditions – I am too much of a wuss to be in that setting unless I’m on the playing field.

    As for Briana Scurry, it’s hard to watch someone that I looked up to as the “ultimate goalkeeper” slip out of her prime. Knowing firsthand the pressures of being a goalie, it’ll be interesting to see what she does if she loses her starting position. Hard to sit on the sidelines in that situation!


  3. Stephen says:

    Glad the home team won, but I have to say I’m disappointed that of the Breakers’ 20 regular season games only 5 are televised? WTF, 75% of the games aren’t on TV???


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