Cloudy Canterbury Saturday

Happy Saturday morning … as the clouds roll in, bringing some much needed rain to these parts.  I went for a run yesterday after work and jogging by the fire house, noticed the sign saying that the fire danger was “extreme.”  (Breathed a small sigh of relief that I wasn’t lounging by the chiminea, endangering the neighborhood without realizing!)

So Obama and Chavez shook hands … and Obama is going to talk to Raul Castro … and the right just gets crazier and crazier.  They have nothing to go on but fumes and vapors, as any substance that might have once existed in the GOP has succumbed to narrow hatefulness.

But you know what I think?  This is truly nefarious on Obama’s part – but I think it may be behind his recent activities.  He is trying to kill off the GOP, starting with Dick Cheney, by taking actions that will make them apoplectic.  Here’s a sample (from a 2006 episode of The Daily Show) of what can happen to Cheney when upset … or exposed to dissent.  This has got to be inducing an allergic reaction in the Dick that’s beyond anything in recent memory.  Oh, how I relish the images that come to mind!

The Breakers and the Freedom clash today down in DC (7PM ET).  No TV- but the WPS Matchtracker will have it.  Here’s Christina Mann’s Week 4 Preview.  I’m wishing we could see the Sol vs. FC Gold Pride on TV – those are two fun teams to watch!  But first up- the Breakers.  Let’s not be the first team that Abby scores on, okay?

For the nostalgic among us, Beulah’s report on the Freedom-Red Star’s game last week is posted …and good as usual.  Hope she makes it to the Breakers-Freedom match-up and writes about it!  And also from Christina Mann, here’s a profile of some of the new names and faces that are already coming to the fore in WPS play … part of what we love about this league!  Then there’s Angela Tavares ( on the Undisputable Passion Found in the Women’s Game.  Nicely done!

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