Tuesday's Take

First off – Beulah’s match report is up!  (This is on the Breakers’ win over the Freedom … which ranked somewhere below a broken windshield in Beulah’s book … understandably!)  Sorry to hear about your windshield!  As for Abby not getting up – that was a huge gripe of mine (and my compatriots) back in the WUSA days when “Get up Abby” was a favorite refrain when the Freedom were in town.  That said, it’ll be important (for the league) to have Abby at full strength – so hope she gets it up to speed soon!

Other news?  It’s a wet one here in NH today – and I am running late.

I do noice that Cheney has emerged from under his stone again to slam Obama.  He doesn’t think we have much to apologize for.

Thanks, Dick. As the pressure mounts to investigate little items like our interrogations under your watch and our waterboarding proclivities, I do hope to see you raked over the coals.  Maybe 183 times in the course of a month.  And no, I wouldn’t feel any need to apologize.

Interestingly, here is more info, and a video, about the encounter between Obama and Chavez.  We still don’t know the content of the discussion, but unlike Dick, I find it heartening to see that our President is capable of interacting with both enemies and friends.  The course set by the previous administration was not effective, their bombastic protestations notwithstanding.  Their governance was as close to that of the repressive regimes they purport to despise as I ever want to come.

Okay – can we find a happier note for starting this Tuesday?  Well, sorta …


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