One More Cheney Bit – and Then WPS Stuff

First – I watched a snippet of Maddow this morning (it was DVR’d – so not sure what night’s show it actually was) in which she interviewed Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson about Cheney, et al.  He’s the former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell.  One of the most interesting (to me) points he made with Maddow was to note what a fearful (as in fear-filled) person Dick Cheney is.  I’ve always seen him as fear mongering – but seeing him as himself fearful was fascinating.  Fearful the way most bullies could be called fearful, I guess.

Hearing him also got me wondering about whether Powell will ever speak out.  What a cool thing that would be for us – and for his legacy (to borrow a much-used phrase).

Anyway, here’s an episode of the series “Conversations with History” in which Wilkerson is interviewed about, among other things, Cheney and the US response to 9/11.  This is from 2008 – and he is sharing much about what we are talking about right now.  It started at the top, he says – all of the vicious stuff, and filtered down.

Interesting stuff about Cheney and power, throughout.  And a great insight at @ the 46th or 47th minute … about the past 8 years being the first time in his governmental work that Cheney was not “supervised by an adult.”

Yes, Cheney bites.


Meanwhile, here are this weekend’s WPS previews from

My previews?  The Athletica get their first victory today (4PM ET), over a Marta-less Sol.  The Breakers continue their break-out play and, as Kris indicates in her comment … kick some Chicago booty (8:30PM ET-and on webcast at the Red Stars’ site).  Meanwhile, tomorrow the Gold Pride keep the Freedom winless (6PM ET) … and we all send our sympathies to Beulah!  That’s what I’m thinking.

Over in Frankfurt, more than 44,000 people watched Brazil and Germany play to a 1-1 draw.  Nice to see that kind of attendance!

Finally, here’s a wonderful inside look at the Red Stars’ home opener by Amanda, on her blog Soccer Science.

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