Big Day in Breaker-land!

If you’ve been paying any attention to JordanCornblog’s track record on sports predictions, you’ll know that it’s pretty much best to ignore anything that I say.  (This is, by the way, very freeing in some ways.)

So here are my week 6 WPS predictions … and for more informed previews, check out Christa Mann’s Week 6 Preview on Soccer by Ives!

Boston vs. Sol – Saturday 5/2 at 7PM:  Two powerhouses meet at Harvard Stadium – both looking to get back on the winning track and both being back up to full strength.  My prediction?  Of course, a Breakers’ win!  Why?  I think that all the focus is on Marta and Kelly … while, in the meantime, A-Rod is going to hit her stride in this game and have a break-out performance.  Yup, that’s what I think.

FC vs. FC – Sunday’s first game pits the Pride against Sky Blue in a battle of two very dynamic teams.  I think this will be pretty soccer to watch (unfortunately, it won’t be on TV … dang).  FC Gold Pride is one of my favorites … and I think they’ll pull out the win – although the unpredictable and hungry Sky Blue could pull it off.  How’s that for hedging?  Lots of goals and a close one here.

Athletica vs. Freedom – I think that having Mia and Siri at the match will be the happiest moment for the Freedom in this one, as the Athletica are primed to find the back of the net … and Abby won’t get the ball past Solo on Sunday.  Sorry, Freedom, but the Athletica are going to have their breakout game on your turf.

So, there you have it.  Meanwhile, I’d be remiss to not congratulate Kelly Smith on being voted WPS Player of the Month for April.  Marta and Karina LeBlanc finished 2nd and 3rd … and both will be on the pitch tonight against Kelly.  And right from the horse’s mouth, here’s Kelly’s take on last weeks matches (including England’s) – and some comments on what’s in store for tonight!

Meanwhile … and finally … this lovely morning – here’s a modest proposal from Jamie Lee Curtis – as the flu takes hold and masks become de rigueur – use them as advertising space.  Damn – why didn’t I think of that!?

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