Phinally Phriday

No Phillies game last night – and the Red Sox got pounded.  Love the Sox, but Josh Beckett?  Not so much.  If games like last night taught him some humility, I’d come around. But most likely, it’ll just sharpen his already nasty, cocky edge.  You’re a dink … and thinking about you is just getting my morning off to a bad start!

And congratulations, Mo – your Rays were impressive (and we know you won’t stoop to gloating)!

Here’s Kathryn Knapp on the first month of WPS play – a great start!

And for Twitter aficionados – here’s a piece about WPS and Twitter – cutting edge (as opposed to “nasty edge”).

Meanwhile, Megan Rapinoe and some of her mates will be singing at the Cubs game on Monday … she’s certainly a multi-talented rookie!  (A-Rod – are you listening?)

Mia Hamm and Siri Mullinex will be honored at the upcoming Freedom game … and here’s an interesting interview with a very buff-looking Hope Solo! (Those pipes!  She looks almost as strong as our First Lady!)

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