HollyCornblog's Hops as the Second Hundred Days Begin!

hop-trellis-4-09I’ve been remiss in not posting this picture of HollyCornblog’s Hop Trellis circa April 2009!

As you can see, she’s done an awful lot of work (backbreaking work, I might add) to give these hops a fighting chance at thriving.

I for one am quite interested to see how hops do under the Obama administration.  If you’ll recall, under the Bushies, the results were spotty.  Already, things are looking better, from what I can tell … we’ll keep you posted!

Meanwhile, Boltgirl is all over the passage (by the NH Senate) of the gay marriage bill.  I thought the House had already voted it through … better double check.  It strikes me as a mixed blessing in some ways – I mean, now gay people can experience the same pressure that straight people do – to settle down and get married.  But equality under the law is never a bad thing.  Nah.

Red Sox won and Phillies lost.  Marta is coming to Boston (but the game’s not on TV … what’s with that???).  Marta is looking forward to the match-up – and I am sure that the Breakers will be ready – and hungry for a BIG WIN!

Here’s a Kelly Smith interview from an English radio show …

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Double checked on the marriage thing – all it needs is Governor Lynch’s signature … not a foregone conclusion, unfortunately.  What I find so interesting about NH is that, while they could pass a gay marriage bill through both houses, they can’t enact a measure that would require adults to wear seat belts.  Live free or die, indeed.

Here’s the transcript of Obama’s press conference from last night … his third in 100 days.  Might be more than Bush ever had – I’ll have to check. I’ve also started wondering if anyone is tracking/comparing Obama’s and Bush’s vacation days over time.  A chart of some sort would be interesting, don’t you think?


Closing it out, here’s another hop shot – a healthy-looking little tyke that I’m sure HollyCornblog will be making good use of .. when the time comes!

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4 Responses to HollyCornblog's Hops as the Second Hundred Days Begin!

  1. Matt says:

    you even have a black lab…are you my evil liberal parallel universe?


  2. Matt says:

    dude…hops hae nothing to do with politics.. How annoying. Btw. Each bine should really have only one rope for support.


  3. Ah- thanks for the clarification. As for the Gov – his most recent comments made me think he might sign after all. To be continued …


  4. AMR says:

    Well, technically there was an amendment added in the Senate which differed from the House’s version. Since the two aren’t quite the same, they’ll need to work that out before L-Dawg gets a chance to have to actually make a decision (or not).

    Let’s see how far change has trickled its way north, shall we?


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