Monday … Ahhhhh …

Well, this Monday the leaves are bursting out of clenched buds and the silohuettes of the trees are taking on that lacy, early-spring look.  The new greens are woven in with reds, still – and the tulips are coming into their own as the daffodils fade … and birds are trilling and mating as their tiny bird hormones take over their tiny bird brains – and spring is, yes, very much in the air.  Oh, and the black flies have started to bite.

And John Edwards has more ‘splainin’ to do.  Did he improperly funnel money to his mistress?  Does he have any shred of credibility left these days?  Not in my book.

Speaking of books … I’m a little less enamored of Elizabeth, too, as she has penned a tome that promises to include information about the affair.  She tells how it made her puke.  Understandable.  But she helped her man as he pursued the Presidency.  She helped him lie, after having been lied to.  I personally think that sucks.  And now you’re cashing in on it?  Your credibility, too, Elizabeth, is pretty well shot in my book.

Ah well .. on to more palatable fare – like this piece by Angela Tavares from – featuring Saturday’s match-up between Kelly Smith and Marta.  Nicely done!  In other WPS news, FC Gold Pride beat FC Sky Blue 1-0 and the Freedom and Athletica played to a 3-3 tie in a game that featured more heroics by the Freedom (twice, now, in two weeks) … and has to have been a heartbreaking ending for the Athletica who looked to be poised to notch their first win … and appear to have lost Daniela in the process.  Attendance 5,149 for this game in MD – which is great considering the weather (which looked pretty miserable).

The Breakers are nipping at the Sol’s heels – and face up against them again next week out at the Home Depot Center.  Here are the WPS Power Rankings at this point … nicely done, ladies!

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