Busy Day Ahead … Not That You Asked or Anything

Yup – it’s a busy day in Canterbury, with lots of computer work on tap, as well as some growing grass to catch up with, a bike to get to the bike shop, maybe even a little bit of exercise (other than mowing) and reading to squeeze in along the way.  (Hah!)

Here’s the WPS preview for the weekend – with some interesting match-ups, starting with FC Gold Pride and the Daniela-less (and MacNeill-less) Athletica tonight at 8PM ET.  Christie Welsh (acquired in a trade with the Sol – along with Kendall Fletcher) gets a chance to show her stuff for the Athletica, who will be sorely in need of scoring punch with Daniela down.  I continue to feel puzzled by the Pride’s poor attendance out there in the Bay Area, as the are (to my mind) one of the more entertaining teams to watch in the new league.  Hopefully things will pick up out there.

Meanwhile, the grudge match of the weekend has to be the Sol versus the Breakers out in LA.  After handing the Sol their first loss of  the year (as well as scoring the first goals against them) can Lil, Kelly and crew do it again?  (But of course …)  (And don’t forget … Maren will be in Boston next Sunday!)

The Red Stars play FC Sky Blue in the televised match tomorrow evening.  Will the Red Stars continue their run?  Can Sky Blue get on track?

This is it for me … I’ve got software to download and chores to get started on.  Sorry, folks.

Question for the rest of the day/weekend, perhaps … can JordanCornblog get on track?

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