Happy Mother's Day

Yup, it’s Mother’s Day. Hope yours is a good one, whether you’re celebrating someone or being celebrated yourself. The universe has been kind enough to send sun, a steady breeze, and cooler temperatures — hopefully making relatively pain free outdoor work a possibility for the hordes of mothers in New Hampshire who will be out there tending gardens and planting, perhaps, Mother’s Day flowers.

The soccer moms in St. Louis are happy today, as their WPS team — the Athletica — won their first ever match last night. They defeated FC Gold Pride one to nothing on the strength of a corner kick goal by Lori Chalupny. It sounded like a beauty of a score, as she bent her corner kick toward the far post, catching keeper Nicole Barnhart by surprise to notched the game-winner in the 16th minute!

The matchup of the weekend, though, has to be the Breakers-Sol game this afternoon. The Sol will be looking for revenge after the Breakers handed them their first loss in Cambridge last weekend. I’m guessing the turnout will be excellent, both because of the matchup and because the Sol will be giving away free tickets to their next game to all comers, IF they win! Of course, as Breakers fans know, that ain’t gonna happen!

The televised game will be the Chicago Red Stars, coming off a bye week, versus FC Sky-Blue — looking for their first win. My prediction? I suspect Sky-Blue will surprise Chicago this week.

HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew are exploring the lakes and hiking trails of Virginia as I write! I suspect they are also sampling any microbrew delectables that they come upon in their travels.

Here’s Wanda Sykes at the Press Club Dinner last night … having some fun!  “God forbid Joe Biden ever falls into the hands of terrorists …”  ;>)

And here’s POTUS!

What else? I must say I’m sad and somewhat relieved to read that the body of my college classmate George Zinkhan has been found near where his car had been discovered down in Georgia. What a sad saga! I did not know him but can picture his youthful image as I write this and think about all the small moments that somehow piled together and led to the ending that he chose for himself. I think of the devastation that his mother must feel, this Mother’s Day — the horrible loss, and the terrible, terrible burden that those who knew him … and all of his children now carry.

And I think of the Wesleyan student, murdered in the midst of what was probably a pretty typical. uneventful day  in her young life. The shocking tragedy that ripples out and touches so many — even this woman perched on a New Hampshire hillside, who knows none of the principals in this sad story but thinks of them as the spring wind blows through the newly budding leaves here.

And I think of handguns — the common thread through all of this. HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew spent the night in Blacksburg last night – and I think of handguns and Virginia Tech. Handguns in the hands of people who are angry and impulsive and want to do harm. What would they do if they didn’t have handguns? I have to think that the harm would be mitigated.

Why do we let it be so easy? Why do we let these tragedies keep a rolling over us?

What do we think we’re protecting ourselves from?

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