WPS Weekend

While this past weekend didn’t bring as many goals as last weekend did in WPS play, it was nice to see the Athletica and FC Sky Blue come away with a couple of first-time wins! The Boston Breakers and the LA Sol were the marquee game of the weekend (unfortunately not televised) and played to a 0 to 0 draw.  (And the debate continues as to who’s the premier player – Kelly Smith or Marta.)  Can’t wait ’til 8/9, when they face off again in Boston … although a lot will have happened in the interim.)

Next weekend’s TV match up will be the Breakers versus the Freedom in Cambridge. While never unhappy to see the Breakers on TV, I agree with Flynnie – enough with the Freedom, already!  (Sorry, Beulah.)

I watched the Red Stars and Sky Blue duke it out on TV yesterday evening, and thought that the Red Stars looked like an entirely different team than they did against the Breakers. Carli Lloyd was more or less invisible for most of the match. It’s frustrating to see, as her talent is so prodigious, but her moodiness, lack of focus, lack of discipline, or whatever the heck it is certainly seems to get in the way of her performance on a regular basis. Meanwhile, Lindsay Tarpley and Heather O’Reilly seems so steady and reliable — kind of Kristine Lilly like in that regard!

Last soccer thought – I was very impressed with Karen Carney for the Red Stars and am overall impressed with the English players in the WPS. It’s going to make for some interesting match ups when the 2011 women’s World Cup rolls around!

Finally – good on you, Stanford anti-war students and alumni, for speaking out about your classmate and/or colleague Condi!  Here’s Marjorie Cohn asking that Condi and others be “investigated and prosecuted for war crimes” and that Stanford sever its ties with Condi!


And here’s Condi talking (in an incredibly condescending way, I might add) to a student at Stanford back at the end of April.  “Do your homework first,” she says.


“Is waterboarding torture?” another student asks … what a crock.  By definition, if it was authorized by the President … yup, it was okay!

And here she is with the 4th grade set …


Is it me, or do her eyes look weird?  I’m wondering whether this might all be starting to get to her.

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