Tuesday – That's All – Just Tuesday

In a bit of a rush this morning, as usual. Our black lab Willie came up lame yesterday. He has a chronic shoulder problem which something seems to have exacerbated. This morning he seems a little bit better, but still not himself. He’ll be turning 10 this summer, so it’s worrisome to see him hurting. (I scheduled him an appointment at the vet’s for tomorrow afternoon — something he is going to absolutely freak out about!)

I see that Lori Chalupny was chosen the WPS player of the week. Way to go Lori! I would love to have seen her goal — a corner kick that bent its way into the upper corner of the net, beating Nicole Barnhart (not an easy keeper to beat). Lori has been one of my favorites for a long time, and I also love it that Pia recognized her stellar qualities by making her USWNT captain along with Christie Rampone.  And here’s a small piece about the Breakers … still looking for a win to move into first place … and honoring Maren Meinert on Sunday!

Glad to see, this morning that the reporter (Roxana Saberi) who had been charged as a spy in Iran has been freed. I have to think that under the Bushies this episode would not have come to a satisfactory a conclusion.  And why is it that we get to diss the Iranians as somehow rabid and unreasonable, while holding people without charge and without trial for years, ourselves? Why do we think it’s okay to be such Dicks?

Speaking of Dicks, I’m so very glad to see that Dick Cheney seems to want all this torture stuff to go to court. I would love to see his name and reputation ruined and his ability to move freely about in the world brought to a screeching halt. His hubris has a delusional cast to it, and his nastiness seems to be without bound. I found myself wondering yesterday what it was like to sit across a dinner table from him — or worse yet, a breakfast table. What a nauseating thought!

Red Sox won … Mets lost … Phillies didn’t play … so it’s all pretty good.  Celtics tonight … but too late for yours truly.

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