Moros Monday

That’s not a typo – but I’m morose as well, after Rebecca Moros scored for the Freedom against the Breakers, and all the blue team could come up with was a tie in yesterday’s match.  I am sure that they wanted to pull off the win against the Abby-less Freedom … and with Maren Meinert there, no less.

Ah well, it was not to be …

Alex Scott saved the day for the Breakers – while Lil missed on a great chance that could have won it – and left Kristine flat on her back in the box, holding her head and wishing she could have that one back! Here’s how it went …

A perfect chance for the Breakers in the 83d minute sailed out of play when Candace Chapman laced a pass right to Kristine Lilly who had a clear shot in front of the goal, but rushed the shot.

“I should have finished that,” Lilly said. “There was no excuse. It as a great ball by Candace. . . . I wish I could have it back.”

Meanwhile, Tony had a few words about the officiating … and I’m still wondering what’s got A-Rod so out of sync with her mates.  Pia … can you give Tony et al any insights?

Speaking of Pia – she’s predicting an exciting Women’s EURO 2009 – and why not?  The finals run from August 23 until September 10 in Finland … and personally, I’m thinking that England is going to surprise everyone this year.

Here are the Breakers highlights …

Find more videos like this on Women’s Professional Soccer

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2 Responses to Moros Monday

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Hard to tell, as we couldn’t see the whole width of the field on the screen. Too bad Lil missed her shot there at the end.

    There was a quick blurb about Maren being honored with a snippet of her on the sideline. Were you able to say hello? ;>)

    We thought we could see the row above you on camera – if S had on lavender. Was it as chilly as it looked?

    I was so hoping the Breakers could get 3 points out of this one!


  2. Ski says:

    Moros appeared to be offsides on her goal. Did anyone who watched it on TV see that? The sideline ref (who coincidentally was the one who was the headliner in the out-of-control St. Louis- Freedom game) was so far behind the play she didn’t have a hope of making the call. Very sad.

    Maren looks great!


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