Sundry Sunday Stuff

Morning everybody! It’s looking like a good reading day here in New Hampshire, although it’s early yet!

The Bookeaters had an excellent meeting at the Exeter Inn last night, where we broke bread and discussed The Lincolns: Portrait of a Marriage. We all loved (and most of us read) the book, and I would highly recommend it as a portrait, not only of a marriage but of a period of time. The everyday details were captivating. Life was hard, and life with Mary was not always a picnic. Hitting Mr. Lincoln in the face with a log, or dumping a bucket of water on his head?  Yikes.  There were aspects of their story that definitely reminded me of home life back in the 60s but I’ll spare you the gory details.

Aside from the fact that I repeatedly and inexplicably stole both crockery and cutlery from an adjacent Bookeater, the evening went off without a hitch. We did have an odd discovery, though — one of those little factoids that you mull and ponder long after you discover it …

Our server pointed out to us that the candle on our table was actually a rechargeable, battery operated votive, put there presumably so that nothing would catch fire. At some point in the course of our meal we examined the candle more closely and discovered fine print on the bottom which none of us could decipher for sure — but it looked like it said “Please do not steal.”

“Please do not steal?” How incredibly odd!  First, because it was such small print that a thief would need to have really good eyes to read it. Second, it was on the bottom of the candle, so a thief would have to check very carefully to find it. Third, it said “Please” which seems an oddly polite way to address a potential thief. Fourth, why would anyone be deterred by a message like that?

We asked our server, who did confirm that, yes indeed, it said, “Please do not steal.”

I nearly bought a set of rechargeable votive candles when I got home, but there was no way to be sure that the message would be on the bottom. I should’ve checked for the manufacturer before I left. This may necessitate another trip to the Exeter Inn — no sacrifice there — the food was excellent!  (And why buy ’em when you can steal ’em?!)

In other news I seeded FC Gold Pride defeated the Red Stars last night on the strength of a goal by Canada’s Christine Sinclair. Tonight it’s the Breakers versus the Freedom down in Cambridge. I hope the weather clears up and the crowd is good — and of course, hope the Breakers win!

There’s an excellent op-ed in the New York Times by Frank Rich about the need for Obama to continue toward increased transparency — including releasing the prisoner abuse photos — in order to one day emerge from the shadow of the Bush administration. Aside from the fact that it is simply the right thing to do, I agree with Rich that the photos are gonna leak out anyway.  Obama’s reluctance, while perhaps understandable in some ways, only makes him appear to be similar to the previous cabal of evildoers.  If you’re gonna turn a page, you have to turn it.

In other news, Michelle Obama delivered a commencement address yesterday — in California — while Notre Dame’s valedictorian and some priests and lay ministers in Chicago who knew him back in the day, addressed the somewhat overblown controversy about Barack’s scheduled address there head on. It seems odd that the President has experienced such weirdness, this graduation season. Why not just say no to Notre Dame and Arizona State? Especially ASU – that was just bizarre.

One other odd thing of note this morning … Sarah Palin is now on Twitter.  What kind of trouble can she get herself into in 140 characters?  A lot, I’ll wager.  Haven’t found r real account yet … stopped looking … why other …

Oh well. Onward!

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