The Saturday Before Sunday

Okay so I do, I really do want to be rooting for Obama — but what’s with this latest appointment? GE’s defender on environmental issues, Ignacia Moreno, has been hired to do the legal stuff for EPA? How did Obama explained this decision, I’m wondering. It kind of gives me a weird feeling in my stomach. Does Al Gore approve?  Guess time will tell — but let’s keep an eye on this one.

Many of the mainstream news venues are trumpeting the story about new polls suggesting that more people are “pro-life” than in the past — and I shudder to think what Fox news is doing with this piece of dubious work by the pollsters. Check out the excellent analysis on FiveThirtyEight where you’ll see that the actual numbers are either skewed or much less “newsworthy” than the headlines would imply.

But more important than any of these reservations about the Pew and Gallup surveys on abortion is a perpetual problem with public opinion research generally on this topic: it rarely deals with the nuances that matter most in setting public policy or assessing the actual political impact of each party’s positioning.

There’s also a wonderful bit of commentary from Al Gore about Dick Cheney’s inability to keep his fat mouth shut. It’s unfortunate that Mr. Cheney isn’t doing more hunting these days — for any number of reasons. I wonder if this counts as a threat? I wonder how many people actually care?

“I waited two years after I left office to make statements that were critical,” Gore said during an interview on CNN, pointing out that his critiques were focused on “policy.”

“Talk about somebody that shouldn’t be talking about making the country less safe, invading a country that did not attack us and posed no serious threat to us at all,” Gore said of Cheney.

Watch Jon Stewart on Wanda Sykes and the threat her comments about Rush pose to our nation.  So nice to hear Mr. Morality, Bill Bennett, weighing in.

And perhaps in the biggest news yet thanks for sharing this HollyCornblog) Rachel Maddow has reportedly broken down and bought a TV.  Read about it in this very funny piece from AfterEllen

On the sports front … the Red Sox lost a close one out West, and ended up benching David Ortiz. Meanwhile the Phillies won one, the Mets won two (dang) and we’ve got two game sevens in the NBA playoffs today.

In the WPS I see that the LA Sol beat FC Sky-Blue, but not by a whole bunch, last night. It wasn’t until the 80th minute that Marta scored.

The win kept the Sol at the top of the WPS standings with a 4-1-2 mark for 14 points after the win. The victory was the first since April 19th for the Sol, which snapped a three-match winless run. After claiming its first victory of the season last weekend, Sky Blue FC dropped to 1-3-2 for five points. Sol goalkeeper Karina LeBlanc posted three saves to record her sixth shutout of the year – the fourth time Sky Blue FC has been held scoreless this season.

Don’t forget, Maren Meinert is going to be honored at halftime of the Breakers’-Freedom game on Sunday.  And while you’re waiting for the game, check out the latest of Kelly Smith’s articles from the Daily Mail. I think she does an awesome job, and it’s very interesting to read her observations and comments about her time with the Breakers… and in this country.  Here are her comments on the Sol matches, and Sunday’s game …

We beat LA a week earlier in Boston, but we knew this was going to be a very different game. The heat was in the 80s and it was supposed to be overcast, which it was for the warm-up. But as soon as we came out of the dressing room for the game, the sky had cleared somehow and it was roasting.

But to draw 0-0 is a good result. We’ve done well the last couple of games so we want to keep that momentum going against Washington at home on Sunday. We’ve already beaten them away, but they’ve won and drawn with very late goals in their two games since, so that shows a strong mentality.

Finally, here are the previews from … as FC Gold Pride and the Red Stars face off today, and the Beakers-Freedom match-up is the televised game tomorrow.  Kathryn Knapp shares her commentary as we play into week 8 and I am in agreement with her that Erin McLeod joining the Freedom could have a big impact on the standings as the season unfolds.  Stay tuned!

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