Scanning the News on Friday, May 15th

It looks like the sun is going to be in and out this morning, here in New Hampshire as I scan the news and get ready to start this day — a day off from work. I’m hoping to catch up on some things here at home, and get Willie out for a walk, and finish up my reading for Bookeaters.  We’re reading the book The Lincolns:  Portrait of a Marriage — a wonderfully written, detailed portrayal of the marriage of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln. I have been enthralled by the day-to-day details — so grounding and humanizing.

But moving from the human and sublime of Abraham Lincoln, to the human and despicable of Dick Cheney, I’m interested to read Bob Cesca’s take on the the efforts of Dick, and now Liz, to defend his actions as VP. I read another article not too long ago, where the author posited that Cheney was changed by 9/11.  A more plausible explanation, to my mind, is in another article (I’ll try to find the source) in which the author indicated that Cheney hadn’t changed, but Dubya’s administration was the first in which Cheney had power and “no adult supervision.” I think that’s much closer to the truth. At any rate I like the idea that he’s desperate and feeling cornered. May the last years of his life be miserable — however many years that may be.

Found the citation for Cheney-without -adult-supervision.  It was an interview with Lawrence Wilkerson (former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell) in which he quoted the following exchange:

Now, I have had people tell me, who knew him when he was a Congressman, one particular Congressman said to me over lunch, you didn’t know Dick Cheney when I knew Dick Cheney, and what you’re really seeing now is Dick Cheney without adult supervision. He always had adult supervision before. At one point it was Donald Rumsfeld and Jerry Ford. At other points it was George H.W. Bush and Colin Powell. Colin Powell just beneath him, and George H.W. Bush above him. He’s without adult supervision now, said this Congressman, and now you’re seeing the real Dick Cheney. He’s always been that way. He’s always been that way, this guy said.

The right wing blathering homophobia continues unabated by intelligence, insight or decency.  You can just avoid this story, unless you’d like a little adrenaline jolt to start your day. Nothing new here — just the same hateful annoying dreck.

At the White House, it’s refreshing to see culture being welcomed and celebrated — this time with the Obamas hosting a poetry jam. I love the pictures of Sasha and Malia at their table!

And finally on the WPS front, we’ve got the week eight predictions from, starting with tonight’s Sky Blue-Sol Match-up … it’s on Universal Sports – which we can’t get here, but looks like it may be available in other parts of the country.  Check it out (10:30 Pm ET).

Here are highlights from the Sol-Breakers’ tie last week …

AND we’ve got the first ever WPS bobblehead. Marta, of course!  (Where’s Kelly?  Or left-over Lil’s from the WUSA days?)

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2 Responses to Scanning the News on Friday, May 15th

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Sadly, I have not seen Rachel lately — basically because I’m usually about ready to fall asleep when she comes on.

    I’m not sure what I think about the whole Obama/photo issue. I suppose a part of me can understand his point; however, I don’t really see how not releasing them accomplishes his purpose. And I agree, it undermines his standing relative to the principles he espoused.

    I also agree about Maddow and Stewart. Keith Olbermann is too full of himself and Chris Matthews is too shrill — so I’m sticking with Rachel and Jon for the foreseeable future (and as long as I can stay awake)!


  2. Alice says:

    Rachel Maddow is also doing quite the job in highlighting Cheney’s malevolence. Last night she had on two very credible guests involved in investigating who did what to authorize waterboarding and other forms of torture. The trail of course led to you know who, who called for its use, they say, in order to concoct information to justify the Iraqi invasion. This is all so horrendous–and, to make it even worse, now we see Obama compromising his promises and principles of a transparent administration guided by a rule of law grounded in human decency. Maybe it’s inevitable. I mean even Lincoln compromised on the slavery issue–and he had seen its human costs up close. I applaud Rachel Maddow for not only continuing to dig for the truth but also for holding Obama to his words. Jon Stewart is doing this, too, by running news clips of his high-sounding pledges then and now. Hands down, these are my two top sources for news and commentary worth turning the television on for.


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