Thursday Clouds Rolling In

So what’s happening today?

First off, I see that Obama gave his commencement speech at Arizona State. What a strange decision on their part, to not award him the degree — and what a gracious response from POTUS!


Jon Stewart had an excellent piece on The Daily Show about ASU and their decision to diss the president.  Haven’t seen it online yet.

The White House drug czar has made the amazingly sane decision to approach the drug problem in this country not so much as a war, as a public health issue. Not to say there won’t be law enforcement, presumably, but the bellicose verbiage will be left to Dick Cheney and his ilk. Wonder what Rush Limbaugh will have to say about this?

Here’s  a great piece byPaul Begala on Cheney’s crap about keeping America safe.

Perhaps what’s most galling about Mr. Cheney is how, without irony, humility or apology, he holds himself out as someone who has protected America when in fact he shirked his responsibility before 9-11 and misled us into war after. The closest Dick Cheney has ever come to fighting for America is when he shot his lawyer in the face.

In a wonderful turn of events for fans of women’s soccer, it looks like we’re going to be able to watch some more games on TV — some of us at least — starting tomorrow night at 10:30 ET on Universal Sports!

I also found a nice article about Tiffeny Milbrett. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see her on the USWNT again!?

Oh yes, and Willie is fine … he’s got some arthritis in his front legs … which means he’s got some chronic pain.  But we’re going to treat that, exercise him more, get those legs stronger, and he’ll be good to go!  Thanks, Dr.Reeve … ;>)

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