Saturday Stuff Including Sadistic Sex Crimes at the Top

Read Naomi Wolf’s thorough and absolutely horrific article about the sexual perversity perpetrated by the Bushies in Iraq and elsewhere. I do not understand why Obama is rationalizing and temporizing about releasing the photos and really going after these sadomasochistic pricks.

The activities of these dudes so speaks to the fruits of the kind of self-righteousness and repression that is so often the hallmark of Bible thumping fundamentalism. Of course, with Cheney, Rumsfeld et al. I don’t really think there’s an actual religious component to what they did. But you never know, maybe they’re crazier than I have even imagined.

The bottom line is that these acts are well documented, and the trail leading to the very top echelons of government also appears to be pretty much undeniable. They need to be unmasked. They need to be brought to justice — that’s the kind of humiliation they deserve.

I look at the photos of Phil Spector that have been on the Internet recently, as he’s been convicted and sentenced. The emptiness and fear on his face feels like a reflection of the souls of Cheney Rumsfeld Bush Rice. They all conspired. They all did it. They all should be brought to justice.

Rumsfeld should NOT get to walk around freely. Rice should NOT get to visit her alma mater and talk to students. Cheney should NOT get to have any audience other than prison guards. Bush showed NOT get to walk his dog and pick up his poop — or share a stage with Bill Clinton in Canada. (Bill, what the hell are you thinking?)

Okay — let’s move on to soccer before I lose all sense of decorum.

First, here’s Beulah’s write up of the US trouncing of Canada this past Monday. Sorry to be so late posting it!

Next, here’s the WPS preview for the weekend from We begin today with the Sol versus Athletica — a game that I could easily see the Sol losing (which would be a nice boon for the Breakers). Next up will be the Freedom versus FC Gold Pride — and then in the televised game, the Breakers versus the Ian Sawyerless Sky-Blue. Of course I will be rooting for the Breakers, and I hesitate to say it because I don’t want to jinx them, but a part of me really does want to see Sky-Blue and Kelly Lindsey do well.  The Red Stars get a bye this week, and can probably use one, as they’re coming off a bit of a rough patch.

I see that West Chester University is celebrating (on June 6) 50 years of women’s sports. I was hoping for lots of pictures and factoids on the net, but nothing’s been posted yet. If you go to this site you can check out the list of attendees — brings back a lot of memories as I see names like Vonnie Gros (where’s Marge Watson, I wonder – still ensconced at Ursinus?), Valerie Walchak (CB take note), Cathy Rush (Immaculata, of course – but a WC alum), etc. It still makes me sad to not see Beth Allen on that list — she should be there.

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1 Response to Saturday Stuff Including Sadistic Sex Crimes at the Top

  1. Alice says:

    The Naomi Wolfe piece is horrific–just shameful. Last night Bill Moyers presented an equally horrific picture of the United States’ disregard for human decency through an amazing documentary called “Torturing Democracy.” This film showed in convincing detail how torture became America’s official policy for interrogation of so-called enemy combatants. It also pointed out the major architects. It was excruciatingly painful to watch; I couldn’t make it through to the end. Thank god for Bill Moyers. I have added him to my rather skimpy list of honorable, insightful and truly probing American journalists: Moyers, Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow. You can access the documentary either through Moyers’ website or the “Torturing Democracy” website. I recommend it–but not when you’re feeling especially despairing or alienated.


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