Scanning the Saturday Terrain

Yesterday evening after various chores were completed, we took some time to consume burgers (thanks Dewd) and hang out quietly on the deck with Willie and Ruby. It’s amazing to spend time with Willie these days, as he seems very much himself — just much more easily tired. He has no idea about what is happening to him and is just in the moment, as usual. It feels like a lesson that I can’t quite get my head around. I look at him and wonder at the mysteries of life and death.

I feel like I need to make my peace with what is coming, or I won’t be able to appreciate what is here right now. Don’t want to be in denial. Don’t want to be in a constant state of panicked alertness. This will be a process!

In the meantime, let’s take a look at what’s happening in the world — or at least what captures JordanCornblog’s attention this morning … πŸ˜‰

First off, who knew that Bush read books? In what seems like an ongoing effort to buff up his legacy — which is beyond tarnished — apparently Karl Rove wrote an op-ed about what Bush was reading while he was in the White House. Between reading and being on vacation, what is remarkable is the amount of damage he was able to do in the short time he was actually working. Thank God for books and brush cutting is all I can say!

I received my first set of documentaries from Ironweed — the DVD club I wrote about some days ago. One of the documentaries in particular caught my eye — Asparagus. Looking forward to checking it out.Β  And speaking of asparagus, here’s a wonderful article from the Portland Press about college students heading to organic farms in Maine to work. It sounds like a wonderful lifestyle and learning experience — not to mention an opportunity to have work in these tough economic times.

On the WPS front I’m happy to report that the Breakers have a bye — as Kelly Smith needs to nurse an injury, A-Rod needs to get her confidence back, and the team just generally needs to get back on track. Hopefully a week off will help.Β  MeanwhileΒ  the match-ups look interesting this week … with 3 Sunday contests – Athletica vs, FC Sky Blue, FC Gold Pride vs the Red Stars, and the Freedom and Sol facing off in LA for the TV game.

Meanwhile the Washington Freedom’s Sonia Bompastor has been named WPS player of the month. Congratulations to her, she’s great fun to watch!

Bompastor plays a critical role in the Freedom midfield. “Sonia brings in a European flare that is a great addition to our league. Her patience, scrappiness and creativity are qualities that have truly impressed me, but her love for the game is what makes her the player that she is today,” says Freedom defender Cat Whitehill of her teammate.

FC Sky Blue’s Natasha Kai has gotten some ink in the New York Times (not that she needs any more ink).

Here’s an interesting piece about attendance for the WPS — comparing it to stats for the old WUSA. Looks to me like WPS is on track and doing a little bit better than might have been anticipated, given the economy’s state.

Finally, for those who don’t get the Fox Soccer Channel — and have a fairly robust Internet connection — there’s good news. The soccer game will be streamed, live from Fox, on the WPS site. (Alice, take heed!)

Time to begin the day here — another precious day filled with moments to greet and appreciate. What are you doing today?

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2 Responses to Scanning the Saturday Terrain

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Thanks so much, Paula – have thought of you a lot these past few days – and your journey with your beloved animal companions. Thanks for writing!


  2. Paula Rockwell says:

    Good Morning Jordy, Sounds like a nice evening you had last night on the deck. It is so very sad about Willie. Believe me, I understand. Our pets are precious and they do live in the moment. They do depend on us to help them through to the end. When we faced the decision with Times, we kept an eye on her “quality” of life, her dignity…It was so very hard, but we had time to spend with her, to say good bye, to be with her in peace. Her ashes are still on the mantle, with Pennie. Her collar is hung on the van mirror as she loved to camp. I miss her daily. The unconditional love for a pet is so very deep and at times painful, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world..
    I look forward to seeing you all and saying hello to willie..
    see you tomorrow.


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