Uhhhh … same old same old … and the power of darkness

So it’s still raining here, as US Troops draw down in Iraq and the citizens celebrate.

We learn that Mark Sanford was gripped by the power of darkness … too bad he didn’t have the charity to see that when he was self-righteously blasting Clinton and calling on him to resign back in the ’90’s.  Hopefully, if he continues his political career, he’ll learn a little humility … and not just the spray on kind. right, Mark?

Meanwhile, while commemorating Stonewall at the White House, Obama is counseling patience.  I actually have no problem with that.  Whenever the changes come (and I think they will) the culture-at-large will only have evolved further and be more ready for ’em.  I don’t think he’s just placating … but then, I am naive.

Did I mention that it’s grey/damp/raining here?  Why is God punishing NH for Mark Sanford’s trysting with the darkness?  That’s what I want to know!

cheneyclo4Oh, and speaking of darkness … Cheney is talking again … shouldn’t he be working on his memoirs or something?  Dick, Dick, Dick … get a life.

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