Well, well, well …

It’s surprisingly grey and foggy this morning as NH enters the 3rd day of July.  I have come to believe that we are all being given the opportunity to experience what it feels like to live in England … or Seattle.  It’s an adjustment … but once made, I’m sure it will be fine.

Meanwhile, I haven’t got much to say.  I read a post on The Time Finder earlier, about keeping your routine fresh … liked it.  Maybe being mindful will add some color to the greyness.

Phillies lost – actually were swept by the Braves.  Good of them to get the losses out of the way now, rather than later in the year (that’s how I’m framing this for myself).

What else?  I’m thinking about getting in a run up at the track today … wouldn’t that be a feat?  You go girl!

PS  Sorry to be late, Alice!

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1 Response to Well, well, well …

  1. Alice says:

    Phew, there you are–I was starting to worry. With no Rachel Maddow this week–the passing thought of no JordanCornblog left me feeling at loose ends and very vulnerable. What to think? What to read? I was working myself up into quite a state of paralysis! As a backup I took a look at what Glen Greenwald’s been up to lately: not comforting, not at all. Did you know NPR won’t use the word “torture”–relying instead in the name of “objectivity” on that euphemistic Bushism, “enhanced interrogation techniques” ? And today he’s sharing an interview with Charlie Savage who is casting a light on how Obama’s policies re. civil liberties are also being built upon the demogogic foundation of his predecessor. Are we watching another version of power corrupting? Take a look at Greenwald’s blog for some convincing and disheartening analyses. Gotta go–i think I saw the sun…………….


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