Mowe Wain on Wednesday

… witten wiff apologies to Baba Wawa …

So I’ve not got a lot of time this morning, but wanted to share some soccer bits … like an article about the trials, triumphs and tribulatiopns of the WPS from the NY Times.

Selling Americans on professional soccer has been tough. Selling them on women’s team sports has been tougher. Selling them on a new women’s soccer league during a deep recession may prove to be the toughest task of all.

Meanwhile, we’ve got this interesting Abby tidbit in an update re. the Sol

The scorecard for the Washington Freedom’s Abby Wambach this season: 13 games, three goals – and two challenges that led to season-ending injuries to both opponents.

Yikes!  I think the Breakers are all finished with the Freedom … good thing!

Pia has announced her roster for 2 upcoming USWNT friendlies with Canada … and both matches are on TV  … July 19th (Rochester – 3pm – ESPN) and July 22nd (Charleston – 8pm – FSC) … yippee!!

As for the rest of it … Jackson, Palin, Sanford … just can’t bring myself to write about ’em today.  Nah … can’t do it.

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