HollyCornblog's Hops

HollyCornblog's Hop TrellisIt’s been awhile since I wrote about HollyCornblog and her hops.  Guess that’s what incessant rain does to a body – makes ’em lose sight of what’s important … get all caught up in Palin’s and forget about Pilsner’s.

What’s up with that?

So anyway – here are some photos from HollyCornblog her own self … illustrating the fabulous growth and development of her Cascades and Mt. Hoods and all manner of other hoppy plants.

Isn’t the Hop Trellis beautiful?

HollyCornblog's Hops-JulyAnd here are the hops themselves .. against a big, beautiful (sunny) sky).

I cannot wait to see what she concocts out of these gems, once fall rolls around!

Looking forward to sampling something hoppy, whilst watching the Eagles beat the Giants … or the Cowboys … or maybe even TO and those bad Buffalo Bills (if they’re playing ’em, that is) … ahhhh!!!!

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