Friday's Fulsome Fulminations

Last night I saw Aimee Mann give a great concert at Tupelo Music Hall … her voice … her lyrics … her fights with the record companies … love ’em all!  Here’s an interview with Aimee from Out Magazine …

Aimee Mann had her first taste of fame in 1985 when her band, ‘Til Tuesday, hit the Billboard Top 10 with their song “Voices Carry.” Five years later Mann left the group to begin a solo career and since then she has released nine albums (including the soundtrack to the film Magnolia which scored her an Oscar nomination, a live album, and a Christmas record), the most recent of which is 2008’s @#%&*! Smilers.

Over the last 18 years Mann has been signed to a major label, left to languish on said major label, gone indie, and secured a ferocious fan base that has already scooped up enough tickets to sell out much of her upcoming tour. Beloved for her uncanny ability to distill the anguish of lost love and the surprises and disappointments of everyday life into gorgeous, four minute melodic folk rock packages, Mann chatted with us about her saddest song, her new hobby painting the worst presidents in American history, and trying to nail her single speaking line on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Meanwhile – the Sol lost at home on Wednesday.  Their first home loss … and I wasn’t even paying attention.

And things are heating up between the Dems in Congress and the CIA.

!Wood!Levi has weighed in with some Palin poop.

The Phillies won …Red Sox lost … I’m NOT rooting for Lance … and what’s with the Phillies talking to Pedro?  They need pitching, but Pedro?  Isn’t he kind of old and whiney?

Oh, and HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew had some more dead trees taken down at the lake … looks like I’ll have plenty of firewood come September … thanks, guys!!!

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