Miscellaneous Saturday Snippets

This is an amazing story from David Brooks … check out the video … on Huffington Post … yikes!  The issue of dignity in politics … wonder who that GOP Senator was – any guesses?

On the Soccer front, the Breakers battle Sky Blue FC on Sunday (and need a win).  This match will be televised on FSC.

Here’s a nice piece from The Herald – Tony and Lil reminiscing about 1999.  Ten years ago – hard to believe!

Meanwhile, looks like the Breakers will be missing Smith and Scott for the midweek game as the English WNT is off playing some friendlies.  I think England is going to surprise people this summer in Euro 2009!

I’ll be offline tomorrow … unless I find a wireless hook-up (unlikely).  Sorry ’bout that, folks.  (Alice – the invitation to be a guest blogger is still open!)


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2 Responses to Miscellaneous Saturday Snippets

  1. Hope you like Away We Go (I bet you will)! As for John Ensign … I don’t know too much about his situation (there are so many lewd and lascivious GOP stories to keep up with these days). I’ll check out the link you sent … and maybe if it starts raining again, spend some time back in the gutter!! 😉


  2. Alison Scott says:

    Hi – greatly enjoy the links you’re providing, and look forward to hearing more of your thoughts about John Ensign. I thought Gail Collins column was priceless!

    Please keep those movie reviews coming, too – I’m hoping to see Away We Go this week…


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