New (Sunny) Week!

Sunny Monday – and I have to share this video from Alice … and echo the comment of one viewer who said, “moments like this are a gift to the world.”  This is definitely worth a watch!


Thanks for shairng, Al – and you saved me this morning, as I am just getting back from a weekend away and wasn’t finding a lot of time for blogging.


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2 Responses to New (Sunny) Week!

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    I hadn’t thought about that – but you’re right. Interesting …


  2. Alison Scott says:

    Welcome back, Jordy!

    Re the David Brooks video you shared a link to (and thanks for doing that!) Is it just me, or does it seem a tad strange that David Brooks let some Republican senator keep his hand on his (David’s) inner thigh throughout an entire meal???

    I mean, if a woman permitted that, she would be seen as encouraging the fella… Not to impugn David Brooks, though. I’m always interested to see what side of an event he’ll weigh in on, as a Republican who’s not locked into the party line.


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