How appropriate … how much work we need to do!

Latina Worker

by Doren Robbins

Then I notice through a triple-Americano-awakening moment,

in the mall food court, a young Latina cleaning around by the chrome rail

at Sbarro Pizza. Maybe a Guatemalan, possibly Salvadoran or


could’ve been Argentinean or Columbian, Chilean, Bolivian,

Panamanian—good chance a Peruvian, Venezuelan, Nicaraguan, Mayan,

Toltec, Sephardic, Huichol coffee plantation or U.S. Fruit Company

or tobacco company or auto industry slave labor robot or CIA-trained

death squad Guardia Nacional butchery massacre survivor.

Several tables down from mine–roughly stacking chairs on tops

of tables—cussing in Spanish, in the mall food court, she hates her job,

I hate her job.

Of course I am running wicked late … but wanted to mention that the Breakers host the Red Stars tomorrow night in Cambridge … and NEED TO WIN … after losing the series with Sky Blue FC on Sunday.  Complicating matters, I believe the B’s will be without Alex Scott and Kelly Smith.  A-Rod – will you be stepping up to the plate?  It’ll be interesting to see A-Rod vs. Carli Lloyd – two players who came into the season with very high expectations on their shoulders – and haven’t delivered consistently … at least not yet.

What else – Sarah P has penned an op ed for the Post.  Any thoughts on how much of it she actually wrote?

Finally – Alison – thanks for the link to Gail Collins’ great piece about Senator Ensign’s exploits … and the prayerful support and advice he’s received from his righteous GOP brethren.  I’d love to hear Bill Clinton’s commentary on all this.

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