It's Suddenly Summertime!

Here in NH we’ve one from September-like weather to the dog days of summer in the space of @ 24 hours.  Heat and humidity are here … along with a good dose of fog this morning in Canterbury.  And another Friday has rolled around, seemingly in the blink of an eye.  I’m looking forward to some unscheduled time at home of the next several days .. ahhhh.

WoodpilesMeanwhile, ChristopherCornblog is up at the lake – in what’s gotta be some perfect weather for hanging out on the dock and reading a summer page-turner.  Enjoy!

And aren’t those impressive woodpiles that HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew have stacked in the woods?  They had to take a couple of old trees and/or limbs down … and made good use of the results!

On the news front, I saw this really bizarre story on The Huffington Post about an online game that the RNC had been marketing called the Obama Card. It is, of course, difficult to tell what the point of it all was, aside from basic hatefulness, and they have since pulled it – but happily, this post includes plenty of screen shots so you can get the gist.  What an embarrassment the GOP continues to be.  They, like Sarah Palin, seem to have come unhinged in some disturbing and disorienting way that goes even beyond the hateful and fear-mongering excesses of the Bush/Cheney years.  Hard to know where it will all end – but I am very relieved that they are, at least, out of power as they decompensate!

Meanwhile, DT has been suspended by Phoenix for two games (and is learning from the experience) … the Fever are on a 10-game win streak … and Charde Houston answers some questions about her season and the strength of the Lynx (even without Seimone Augustus).  Here’s what she says about their strength as a team:

I would definitely have to credit that to our sense of camaraderie. Everybody predicted us to fail. But we understood that the only way we could go down is if we did not support each other. With this team we don’t have one person that can carry us. In order for us to continue to win games and play as well as we’ve been playing, we have to look to one another and just be there to support each other. As you can see every night it’s always somebody different that steps up, that has an amazing game. It makes us more dangerous and goes to show that we have an unbelievable amount of talent on this team. And when you put it all together and have it work all together, as opposed to individually, it just shows that we are such a great team.

How cool it would be – to see them go all the way!

And as I catch up with the WNBA, I am interested to see that Chamique Holdsclaw is back … this time with the Atlanta Dream.  Hope she can hang in with it – her stats look good!

On the soccer front, we’ve got the WPS and USWNT in action (vs. Canada) this weekend.  I’ll get you the game times and TV information tomorrow!

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1 Response to It's Suddenly Summertime!

  1. Ski says:

    Chamique settled in Atlanta after her bout with depression then approached the team before their second season. She seems like she’s in a really good place.


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