Willie's 10th, Abby's 100th, Phillies' 8th

So it’s a big day here in Canterbury as Willie turns 10 and continues to have pretty good energy and quality of life on his daily dose of steroids.  We are so glad you’re still here with us, Willie!

And it was a big day in Rochester yesterday, as Abby scored her 100th goal in front of a nice, big hometown crowd.  The USWNT beat a fiesty Canadia team 1-0.  The rematch is Wednesday night, as Christine Sinclair gets her second shot at her 100th.  (The match is going to be televised on FSC at 8PM ET.)

Kelly Schmedes scored early last night, helping the Breakers to a 1-0 win over FC Gold Pride and sole possession of 2nd place in the WPS standings.  The Breakers face Sky Blue FC on Saturday in Cambridge and need to keep winning – a challenge against the NY/NJ squad who have been their nemesis so far this season.  Go Breakers!

The Phillies continued their winning ways yesterday … but the Sun ended the Fever’s win streak over in the WNBA.

Yesterday afternoon we attended a graduation celebration for @drpippa at the Canterbury Shaker Village – a wonderful event at which @drpippa read this poem by Alice Walker …

Expect Nothing

Expect nothing. Live frugally

On surprise.

become a stranger

To need of pity

Or, if compassion be freely

Given out

Take only enough

Stop short of urge to plead

Then purge away the need.

Wish for nothing larger

Than your own small heart

Or greater than a star;

Tame wild disappointment

With caress unmoved and cold

Make of it a parka

For your soul.

Discover the reason why

So tiny human midget

Exists at all

So scared unwise

But expect nothing. Live frugally

On surprise.

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4 Responses to Willie's 10th, Abby's 100th, Phillies' 8th

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Hey, thanks, Paula – and it sure was! Willie enjoyed catching deer flies and lying on the deck in the afternoon. Hope you’re having a good week … and beginning to assemble your FFootball team (in your head). Dewd’s nephew Mo is playing this year … which means Dewd’s in for round 2!


  2. Paula Rockwell says:

    Happy Birthday Willie….It was a gorgeous one!!xxoo


  3. JordanCornblog says:

    Thanks, Hol. Just back from a walk in the woods with Willie. He’s slower, but still trucking along (as am I)!


  4. Holly says:



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