Back to Gray

… or is that grey?  Do the different spellings conjure different colors for you?

Either way, it ain’t sunny!

Some brief snippets this morning, as the Phillies continue to roll … and the Cambridge police really screwed up big time (at least from what I read on The Huffington Post.)  Arresting Henry Louis Gates, Jr. in his own home …

Some of Gates’ African-American colleagues say the arrest is part of a pattern of racial profiling in Cambridge.

Allen Counter, who has taught neuroscience at Harvard for 25 years, said he was stopped on campus by two Harvard police officers in 2004 after being mistaken for a robbery suspect. They threatened to arrest him when he could not produce identification.

“We do not believe that this arrest would have happened if professor Gates was white,” Counter said. “It really has been very unsettling for African-Americans throughout Harvard and throughout Cambridge that this happened.”

I do kinda wish Al Sharpton would stay the hell out of it, though.

’nuff said – I have to head to work.

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