Here's What I'm Wondering …

Is it better to post nothing when I’m in a rush – or something, even if brief?

Is it better to mention that the Phillies are back on track and Palin’s popularity is dropping as she exits?  Or should I just be silent?

Is it good to ask Mo what’s up with the Rays’ falling prey to a perfect game?  Or should I button it?

Would you rather search for yourself to find out that the Athletica have replaced the Breakers in second place in the WPS?  Or that the Sol have captured the regular season title?

That’s what I’m wondering … along with the perenniel question … How much more can it rain!!?????

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5 Responses to Here's What I'm Wondering …

  1. Thanks for the feedback, comments … and the quote, Alison.

    As a compromise, I will only mention the Phillies when they win – how’s that?


  2. boltgirl says:

    I could do without the Phillies and White Sox meself after almost 42 years of futile Cub fandom. But if you could post something explaining the Athletica’s surprising (to me, anyway) reversal of fortune and why the Red Stars SUCK SO HARD, I’ll be all over it.


  3. Alice says:

    No, Yes,

    Yes, Yes, No,

    Yes, No,

    No, No,

    Only god knows.


  4. Alison Scott says:

    Correction! Said quote was by Maya Del Mar’s Daykeeper Journal.

    Conscience assuaged.


  5. Alison Scott says:

    Hi Jordy,

    I’m glad you posted today – I was looking for some dry humor to counteract all the sogginess!

    A friend sent me this quote: “The feeling of being in-between is difficult, yet this is where the creative spot lies. If we can stay with our ambiguity, we can live in this sweet spot, responding in the present to what arises with complete freshness rather than tired strategies and formulae. We will not know for certain what our efforts will yield until we pass the harvest period, which happens to coincide with the autumn months—oddly enough.” Omega Minimo

    This is an astrological observation, but seems to me it holds true all the time. I learned that we’ve had the first of 3 lunar eclipses this summer – quite unusual. Is this why things are…?


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