Sky Blue FC Shocker and Other Stuff

What’s up with Sky Blue FC, anyway?  The sudden resignation of Kelly Lindsey as coach … along with her assistant … just seems weird on the face of it.  Weird and mean-spirited, as the players are still in the running for a play-off spot, with two games remaining in the regular season.

Lindsey, who took over with the team in last place, guided Sky Blue to a 5-3-3 record and into playoff contention. But despite the turnaround, Hofstetter said Lindsey, who was close with Sawyers, would likely not have been the coach next season, which may have accelerated her decision.

Kelly Lindsey“Might have accelerated her decision …” yes – but unless they were waterboarding her in the clubhouse, this seems like an extremely classless move.  I’d love to know more of the back story … and where Ian Sawyers was in this nasty mix.  And Julie Foudy?  Whats up with this, eh?

Feel sorry for Sky Blue FC … and am rooting for them to beat out the Freedom (NOT the Breakers) for the final play-off spot.  That would be awesome!

Christie Rampone … who, on the other hand, might serve as a nice model for quiet classiness … has agreed to step in as player-coach for the remainder of the season.  You go girl!

In other news … Tony continues to rip the refs.  Maybe he’s right, but …

Lou Dobbs’ ratings are suffering (right on) while the birthers continue their strange, empty and hateful quest.  Here’s the truth … not that facts could ever dissuade someone who’s already moved over into delusional territory.

Phinally, the Phillies are in great shape for a repeat, doncha think?  Cliff Lee will get his phirst start phor the Phillies tonight against the Giants.  Meanwhile, I don’t know whether Ben Francisco will also be playing – but he’s the other new addition – and it seems like San Francisco would be a good spot to get his phirst Phillies game under his belt!

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