Dang, Dang, Dang

Alex Scott was red carded in the 5th minute and the Breakers played heroically for 88 minutes … but fell to the Freedom 1-0 … and fell in the standings to 4th place.  With two games remaining, this is getting WAY too interesting for my taste.

Wambach scored the winning goal for the home team … and Kelly Smith nearly had the equalizer late in the match, but Erin McLeod tipped it over the crossbar for the corner.  Next up, the Athletica on 8/1 – and then the Sol at home on 8/9.  Alex … keep those cleats down from here on out, okay?

And in the last bit about the Breakers right now – here’s a nice article about two Breakers – Jennie Nobis and Christine Latham – and their life with the Rosses in Newton Centre!  (Hey ski – any thought to building an addition for next season?)

In other news, ChristopherCornblog sent along this nice piece from Kathleen Parker of the Post – commenting on the beer drinking that will be happening at the White House today.  Maybe we can take it down a few notches?

We weren’t there. We’re not mind readers.

But we all can see how this happened — and how fragile is the thread that connects us. How delicately we must tread. Even Obama, who initially said the police “acted stupidly,” has learned just how much words matter. His invitation to share a beer at the White House with Crowley and Gates is revolutionary and potentially healing, a peace pipe for modern times.

When future archaeologists excavate our history, they will doubtless marvel at the symbolism of that simple gesture. Black, white and something in between, elites and working class, American dreamers all — sipping suds and talking no trash.

Cheers, gentlemen. May wonders never cease.

The Red Sox and the Philies both lost – but the Phillies are still all aglow about the acquisition of Cy Young Award-winner Cliff Lee from Cleveland.

The Phillies got Lee without giving up the three players the Blue Jays had demanded in a deal for Halladay — Happ, Double-A Reading right-hander Kyle Drabek and Class A Clearwater outfielder Dominic Brown. Happ is a legitimate NL Rookie of the Year candidate, and Drabek and Brown are the organization’s top pitching and player prospects, respectively. The Phillies also didn’t give up Triple-A outfielder Michael Taylor, whom Baseball America considers a top 25 prospect. “We were looking to add, not to subtract,” Amaro said. “Clearly, Happ is very important to us right now. He’s winning games for us at the Major League level. He has pitched as well as anybody in our rotation. And we have him under control for many years. As far as Drabek, he is just a prospect, but we believe he’s going to be a very good Major League pitcher barring any injuries.”

Nicely done!

On the WNBA front, as I try to get a handle on “stuff” I noticed that the Monarchs seem to be floundering.  Why, I wonder?  No idea … but in noodling around I came across a bunch of Kara Lawson factoids.  She’s a great one, IMHO … interesting woman and excellent athlete.  Here’s what they say about her on the site, FWIW:

* Full name is Kara Marie Lawson

* Married Damien Barling on April 12, 2008

* Daughter of William and Kathleen Lawson, and is the middle child; her two sisters are Susan and Mary Catherine

* Inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame in 2006

* Member of the Kings broadcasting team for the past three seasons working as an analyst for the Kings House Party Live warm-up show, as well as the Kings half-time and wrap-up shows

* In late 2006, expanded her role with ESPN as a sideline reporter for the NBA while continuing her role with ESPN as a studio analyst for the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship as well as the regular season

* Worked for ESPN as a color analyst during the 2004 and 2005 NCAA Division I women’s basketball tournament and also was a member of the broadcast team for the 2004 and 2005 WNBA Draft

* In 2003, one of seven recipients of the prestigious Torchbearer Award given by the University of Tennessee

* Is very active in community service and has received numerous awards for her efforts

* Also active in Race for the Cure and various activities of the American Cancer Society

* Plays piano

* Named the 1999 Naismith High School Player of the Year as a senior

* Also in 1999, was an All-America selection with USA TODAY, Parade and the WBCA

* Earned MVP honors at the Virginia and WBCA All-Star games

* Was named the 1998 and 1999 Gatorade Player of the Year for Virginia

* Entered kindergarten reading at the fourth grade level

* Was a standout youth football player as a running back and a linebacker for the Fairfax County Football League, leading her team in three categories: rushing, scoring and interceptions.

Meanwhile – what’s up with Stacey Dales – her former commentating partner on ESPN?  Not so much, it would appear, since leaving ESPN and retiring from the WNBA.  I wonder where we’ll see her again.  Loved her commentary … and apparently there are plenty of others who have, as well.  (And who the hell is Erin Andrews?  Clearly I am out of SOME loops!)

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2 Responses to Dang, Dang, Dang

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    I totally agree – and thanks for the update. YES we can! ;>)


  2. T-Bone says:

    Thanks for the link love. Last we heard, Stacey Dales was in the running for a job with the YES Network. Keep your fingers crossed, she’s way too good not be employed somewhere.


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