Randomness Rules Today

There will be no rhyme or reason to what follows … so be forewarned.

Here’s William Shatner reading Sarah Palin’s farewell speech as it was meant to be read – as a poem!  (And I’ll add that this is the very first time that I have enjoyed anyting that William Shatner said or did.)

Sadly, the Eagles long time defensive coordinator Jim Johnson has died, at 68, of bone cancer.  Universally lauded as a brilliant defensive mind, he’ll be sorely missed.

The Breakers can clinch a play-off spot with a win tonight against the Freedom.

Don’t forget to cast your WPS All Star votes … the polls close on 7/31/09!

In WNBA news, the champion Detroit Shock were honored at the White House

Alas, the First Lady did not make an appearance Monday, nor the Obama daughters, Malia and Sasha, whom the President said, “have never known a time when women couldn’t play professional sports,” to accentuate the WNBA’s positive influence on young women.

One member of the First Family did make an appearance during the tour – Bo, the family’s Portuguese water dog. “The little dog was cute. We saw him more than anybody else,” Ford said. “He sat down right in front of us.”

The White House likely has never been home to a bigger basketball fan than President Obama, but, understandably, not a great deal of time can be committed to honorary ceremonies. For most of the players, a handshake and a congratulatory word before the ceremony were the extent of their interaction with the President.

Yet, as many Americans on the Obama campaign trail could attest, it is remarkable how he can make you feel in that moment. He is direct, courteous, and absolutely sincere. “He’s got the two pumps down pat,” McWilliams said, “but he also doesn’t release until he’s done talking to you.”

“Very firm,” added Ford, who presented him with a basketball signed by the entire team. “Very good eye contact, too.”

“That’s why he’s the leader of the free world,” McWilliams said.

… and I’m off, having chosen not to dignify the recent and ongoing rants of the likes of Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck with any comments.

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1 Response to Randomness Rules Today

  1. Alison Scott says:

    Who would have thought that Sarah Palin would be the instrument of William Shatner’s redemption?

    Beam me aboard… Scotty


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