Sunshine Back as Saturday Dawns

It’s nice to see that brightness back in the eastern sky this morning after a terribly wet, rainy day yesterday.  We thought it couldn’t keep raining the way it had … oh well.  Let’s see what August holds.  (I keep trying to imagine what this weather pattern would have been like had it started in December … kinda scary thought.)

On the sporting news front the Red Sox won a close one last night and Big Papi hit his second home run in as many days.  Cliff Lee pitched a complete game and got two hits for the Phillies … AND got them back on the winning track.  (I am liking this trade a lot so far!)  Charlie Manual was his usual loquacious self …

“Pitched pretty good, didn’t he? Very good,” Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said. “In his first time out with us he gives us nine innings and that’s real good.”

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. has sent flowers to the woman who made the now-famous 911 call – a gesture that appears to extend the energy initiated by the ‘beer talk.’  Maybe we really can be less shrill and more civil and conciliatory, eh?  It will drive some folks mad … but that’s okay.  Not to say that the issues raised here aren’t serious and disturbing – but if we can’t talk about them, we can’t do much to address them.  I think this is a very interesting and hopeful evolution … certainly something that Dubya would have been incapable of, back in the day.  (And ain’t it lovely to be able to say “back in the day” with reference to Dubya?)

In a random leap (0n my part), here’s Boltgirl on Jill Sobule (with some great links, too).  I saw Jill open for Madeleine Peyroux some years ago and have listened to her with great enjoyment ever since.  Thanks, Boltgirl – I’ll check out the free downloads, too!

Curious about Pokey Chatman?  (Alice, I know you are!)  Well, mark your calendare for Saturday, August 8, when she’ll be interviewed on the Women’s Sports Talk Show … 4PM EST … oh yeah!  (And to keep in the loop, you can follow WSTR on Twitter.)

Coaching heads continue to roll, as the Liberty have fired Patty Coyle – their head coach.  I’ll see if I can find out why.  Ann Donovan is stepping in to finish out the season.  (Hope she has more staying power than Kelly Lindsey did for Sky Blue FC.)  WSTR needs to get an interview with Kelly … SOON!  ;>)

Speaking of soccer … Three post-season spots are still up for grabs. Follow all of the action this weekend:

Sat. 8/1 6pm ET / 3pm PT
FC Gold Pride
vs. Washington Freedom,
Match Tracker,
FC Gold Pride Twitter, Freedom Twitter

Sat. 8/1 8pm ET / 5pm PT
Saint Louis Athletica
vs. Boston Breakers,
Match Tracker, webcast, Athletica Twitter, Boston Twitter

Sun. 8/2 6pm ET / 3pm PT
Chicago Red Stars
vs. Los Angeles Sol,
Fox Soccer Channel, Red Stars Twitter, Sol Twitter & webcast

I’m gonna see if I can get the webcast hooked up to stream through our TV tonight.  Go BREAKERS! Still no Alex tonight – but you can do it!

Oh, and on more wee bit of info (for women’s soccer aficionados) – you can watch the W-League Championship live on Fox Soccer Channel, August 7 at 7:30 pm ET. Be there!

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2 Responses to Sunshine Back as Saturday Dawns

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    LOL … I’ll get right on it (re. Jimmy Hoffa)! ;>)


  2. Alice says:

    OMG–you found POKEY! What would I do without JordanCornblog. Watch out Jimmy Hoffa–your days may be numbered, too. Gotta go ink in August 8 in my datebook. Thanks for the headsup.


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