Sky Blue vs. Themselves

I’ve been reading what I can find about the coaching mess at Sky Blue FC … and finding little of actual substance on the subject.  Overall, the management does itself no favors by dissing Kelly Lindsey in their public comments.  They come off looking very small, indeed.  Yet, at the same time, her behavior (abruptly quitting her job with only a couple of games left in the season) is puzzling and awfully dramatic and abrupt.  What could prompt such a reaction?

doriniThe guy who is apparently at the heart of this most recent mess is Joe Dorini – the assistant coach who was suspended while suspicions of some kind of egregious behavior on his part were investigated.  Sounds like his and Kelly’s resignations were both related to this suspension.  Sounds messy.  The whole thing does.

Here are a couple of articles on the subject … one from Jacqueline Purdy on ESPN Soccernet, and the other from Rachel Cohen in USA Today.

Meanwhile, the team is attempting to make it into the play-offs with Christie Rampone (still recovering from emergency abdominal surgery due to a burst ovarian cyst) at the helm as player-coach.

I guess one of the questions I have is … if Christie can stick it out to the end of the season, playing through pain and all the difficulties that the team has experienced … and if Natasha Kai (in need of shoulder surgery) can play through it to the end … and etc., etc., … Kelly, why couldn’t you deal with a difficult management situaiton (if that’s what it was) for a couple more games?  It’s not like you had to stick around for another 10 years or anything.  What was so intolerable?

Anyway – I’ll be rooting for the players tonight.  Not for the coaches – not for the management – just the players.  Hope they can pull off an amazing win and make their way into the playoffs (even though they have proven a tougher match-up for the Breakers all season).

7PM ET tonight – be there!

Go Sky Blue FC – you guys have hung in through thick and thin.  Keep it up!

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