Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

Damn it’s chilly (again) this morning.  Bracing.  We’ve got a nice big stack of big old birch logs to start sawing up and splitting, compliments of ChristopherCornblog (and yours truly – who stripped and trucked the last load up the hill).  And man am I sore now!  It felt good – but the lesson is that you can’t sit at a computer for 6 years and then chop and saw and lift and carry .. and not expect to be hurting.  Lesson learned.

I’ve been doing a “cleanse” since 7/31/09.  Not the kind where you actually radically change your diet (which would entail going through horrendous caffeine withdrawal – a small-but-painful fact that has always stopped me).  I’m doing the kind where you drink concoctions and take supplements and gulp down lots of water.  And I have to say that I am feeling clearer and more energetic than I have in some time.  I don’t know if it has to do with the cleanse materials I’m ingesting – or with the fact that I’m simply being more mindful and moderate about what I eat – but it’s nice.  And it’s a reminder that no matter what is going on in the world, I can make choices that enhance my quality of life.

It can feel challenging, these days – as I notice my aging and can feel the lamentations rise in my throat.  How did I get here?  When did I stop being 25?  What’s next?  Living in the moment takes on a whole new meaning these days … and boy is it an adjustment.  On the other hand … it sure is nice to be so wise!  ;>)

So … today, what have we?  The Freedom (who have had the same coach for the last century) beat Sky Blue FC (who are on the 3-coach-a-season diet) 3-1 to secure third place (and a home play-off game) last night.  Did I say DAMN?!  Sounds like Abby had a monster game … and the only good news is that, after the Breakers beat the Sol, they’ll face the Freedom – who’ve been easier for us to manage than Sky Blue this year.

August 15 marks the 40th aniversary of Woodstock.  Not that I was there or anything.  I was in upstate NY, though.  Does that count?  I’d have loved the music – but the sex-drugs-and-chaos of it all would have been quite frightening to me, I’m thinking.  (Probably a bit too reminiscent of my dysfunctional home to make for a fun time.)  Still, as a marker of my generation, I feel a nostalgic connection to the event .. and enjoyed this article from the NY Times – along with the photo galleries that accompany it.

Finally, I love Princess Sparkle Pony’s take on the current GOP strategy re. healthcare reform.  Tantrum Politics is the best descriptor I’ve heard for the disruptive tactics now being fomented.  We need dialogue and problem-solving, folks – not screaming and crying.  This is absolutely ridiculous.

Oh yeah – and the Red Sox and Phillies both lost.  Dang it all!

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2 Responses to Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Yup – in actually had more than enough … go figure. It’ll be fun – and thanks for the encouragement. Will be thinking of you as you head south … is that before or after the b-day celebration? Take care – maybe you just need to relax today.
    PS Breakers’ last game today at 6PM on Fox Soccer Channel – an opportunity to see Marta in action (if you get FSC). Look for us near the 50!


  2. Paula Rockwell says:

    Well it looks like the ff league got enough people to keep it private..good job. Can’t get out of my own way today. Its a nice one, but the eves do feel a little fallish. thanks for running the league..


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